Links 5/15/22

Links for you. Science:

The protective effect of covid-19 vaccination on post-acute sequelae of covid-19 (pasc): a multicenter study from a large national health research network
Sydney researchers find enzyme marker to help detect babies at higher risk of SIDS
Common Medications Can Prolong Back Pain When Overused, Study Says
Yes You Can Get Covid Again — Even If You Are Vaccinated
Omicron infection enhances Delta antibody immunity in vaccinated persons
BA.2.12.1, BA.4 and BA.5 escape antibodies elicited by Omicron infection


Councilmembers Press DC Health For Answers On Missing COVID Data
We Spoke To The Woman Who Wrote The Chalk Message That Susan Collins Called The Cops Over
Schwalb, Spiva Jockey for Progressive Support in the Upended Attorney General Race
Mark Esper Reveals the Full Danger of Trump, Finally
How N.Y. Democrats Lost a Critical Redistricting Battle
In Kharkiv, a 24-hour shift with paramedics amid Russian shelling
Inside the remarkable rise and fall of Alabama’s most predatory police force
More Money for Ukraine? How About Having the Pentagon Cover It?
America’s Susan Collins problem. That Collins was able to blithely announce her confidence in Kavanaugh and Gorsuch’s support of Roe is more than infuriating. It’s alarming.
Promises weighed
There’s Kicking the Hornets Nest, and Then There’s What the January 6 Committee Did on Thursday
But Why?
Pennsylvania Is Going to Be Interesting
How Twitter lost the celebs. Elon Musk was right that Twitter’s most popular accounts have gone quieter over the years. Hollywood insiders explain what happened — and why Musk’s ownership might only make it worse.
Just How Incredibly Fucked Up Is Texas’ Social Media Content Moderation Law?
We wanted to endorse in Republican primaries this year. We can’t.
Big Bottle: The Baby Formula Nightmare
‘The Empire Strikes Back’: A wave of PAC money buries left-wing Democrats
Time to Replace Deadly ‘Wile E. Coyote Healthcare’ With Lifesaving Medicare for All
The “Future Of Work” Still Sucks. Just Ask Working Parents.
Joe Biden Can’t Save Roe v. Wade Alone. But He Can Do This.
White House prepares to ration vaccines as Covid funding impasse looms
Biden to urge cities to spend Covid relief money on police, crime prevention (must be a way to claw back $10 billion from that $1.9 trillion to pay for vaccines…)
‘Time to Get Out’: Arizona’s Election Security Chief Quits Over Threats and Conspiracies. Ken Matta has dire a warning about his state handing over election integrity to election deniers and conspiracy theorists.

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