Links 5/14/22

Links for you. Science:

The Population of Vaquita Porpoises Has Dwindled to Ten, but a Rebound Isn’t Out of the Question
Mysterious disease kills 67 horses in just days at federal facility in Colorado: “What on earth is going on”
Anglo-Saxon Kings Made Sure to Eat Their Vegetables, Study Shows. Contrary to popular belief, the ruling classes gorged on meat only on rare occasions, according to an analysis of more than 2,000 skeletons buried during medieval times.
Plants grow in lunar soil brought to Earth by Apollo astronauts
NIH funding of COVID-19 research in 2020: a cross-sectional study
Antibody response of heterologous vs homologous mRNA vaccine boosters against the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant: interim results from the PRIBIVAC study, A Randomized Clinical Trial


These pundits and pols say they’re ‘done with COVID.’ But COVID’s not done with us (excellent)
D.C. Hasn’t Explained Why COVID Data Wasn’t Sent To The CDC For Two Weeks
The 5th Circuit’s Reinstatement of Texas’ Internet Censorship Law Could Break Social Media
Stop Watching So Much Cable News, I Beg You. You Aren’t Getting Any News On Cable
Lewis George Endorses Parker for Ward 5 Council Seat
Healthcare workers with long COVID are having their careers cut short due to debilitating symptoms as the industry struggles with labor shortages
‘I don’t know how my son will survive’: Inside the dangerous shortage of specialty formulas
Bill Gates and the fate of WHO
Boudin prosecutes disgraced cop for domestic violence after Sacramento DA failed
Won’t Somebody Think Of The Stupid Children?
D.C. Council to pull more police from schools, give tax credit to immigrants
DeSantis mandates lessons on communism for high school students
Lauren Boebert’s American Dream. The Colorado congresswoman has built her reputation as a certain kind of working-class hero. Her employees tell a different story.
To fix the Supreme Court, randomly choose new justices for every case. Special interests are gaming the high court to ensure outcomes they like. So let’s stop having the same set of judges decide everything.
Trump Kept Asking if China Was Shooting Us With a ‘Hurricane Gun’. The then-leader of the free world also inquired whether the U.S. could bomb China in retaliation for the alleged hurricane attack
Carol Burris: What Jonathan Chait Forgot to Mention in His Latest Defense of the Charter Industry
NYC wants to take 25% of its street space away from cars in favor of a walkable/bikeable city
Not How Anything Works, Guys
Psaki Joins The Dems’ Corporate Career Pipeline
White nationalists get religion: On the far-right fringe, Catholics and racists forge a movement
Inside the Effort to Revamp the DC Archives
WMATA Is Considering Making Some Railcars Mask-Only

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