Links 4/25/22

Links for you. Science:

Our Experience with Paxlovid: A seemingly rapid response, but admittedly an N of 1
Finland Is On The Brink Of A Nuclear Power ‘Game Changer’
Yet another pseudoscientific fraud
Covid vaccines are safe and highly effective. Vaccines have prevented countless deaths, and unvaccinated people represent most covid deaths. Even so, vaccinated people represent a growing share of covid deaths. Why is this?


The Democratic Party Is Wasting Its Grassroots Energy (Iron Law of Institutions)
Democrats, You Can’t Ignore the Culture Wars Any Longer
The Belarusian railway workers who helped thwart Russia’s attack on Kyiv
Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Kevin McCarthy As A ‘Liar And Traitor’
Joe Kahn can be a great New York Times editor
Charlie Baker wants lots of new housing around MBTA stations. Not so fast, towns say.
Life in the Real Economy: Two new studies—one on poverty wages, one on the declining share of revenues going to workers—are at once authoritative and mind-boggling.
Idaho extremists target judges, prosecutors, health workers in doxxing campaigns
Americans’ taxes used to be public — until the rich revolted
Losing My Ambition
We Analyzed 29 Years of Police Spending in Hundreds of Cities
The real reason today’s Republican Party hates corporations like Disney
Anti-vaccine ideology gains ground as lawmakers seek to erode rules for kids’ shots
Trump’s Most Loyal Lawmakers Are Actually Losing Money
The Drive to Vaccinate the World Against Covid Is Losing Steam
The Air-Ambulance Vultures: A search for why my flight cost $86,184 led to a hidden culprit: private equity.

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  1. The real reason so many Dems are quiet about the so-called “culture” wars is because we are parents & grandparents & we know that teaching K-5th graders about sex, especially transgender issues, is totally inappropriate, but we do not want to play into the GOP’s hands. There is very little we can do about this.

    Many of us came of age at a time when we did get comprehensive sex education in school, starting in fifth grade & continuing through 12th grade. I remember getting classes in birth control. Gender ideology wasn’t a thing then but we all knew kids who were different & except for the bullies amongst us (& there will be bullies always), we accepted these kids. Most of them grew up to be homosexual men or lesbian women or, like myself, bisexual … not trans. Ya know why? There was no pressure on them to be trans. They were allowed to move through the chaos & crisis of puberty (which all teens experience, regardless of sexuality & identity) & then grow into their true selves. If they chose to transition as adults, well, that was THEIR CHOICE AS INFORMED ADULTS.

    I do wish the Dems would get a backbone about this issue & many other issue but I’m old enough to realize that I might as wish for the moon. Meanwhile, trans rights are being trampled under trans ideology & everyone suffers, especially our children.

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