Links 4/6/22

Links for you. Science:

The Search for a Model Octopus That Won’t Die After Laying Its Eggs
The Hunt for a Lost Bat
Keep Getting Lost? Maybe You Grew Up on the Grid.
Consensus on β-Lactamase Nomenclature
A symphony of squirting clams: These are giant clams, from the genus Tridacna, the largest living bivalve mollusks.
‘Superblooms of fungus’: Climate change is making valley fever worse


The gatekeepers who open America to shell companies and secret owners
How The Kremlin Dehumanizing Ukraine Set The Stage For Bucha
‘A get out of jail free card’: GOP bill would eliminate age requirements for marriages in Tennessee (grooming, if you will)
The lessons in the Applebee’s email
Putin’s war crimes — and his military failures — are making his GOP apologists squirm
Ron DeSantis’s repulsive war on Disney will soon face a reckoning
The Cure for Hate Speech Is Not More Speech
Town by town, Ukrainian prosecutors build Russian war crimes cases
Anti-Abortion Activists Say They Were Allowed to Take 115 Fetuses
Unmasking “Clandestine,” the Figure Behind the Viral “Ukrainian Biolab” Conspiracy Theory
Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ugly accusation points to a dangerous trend in the GOP
The Memo Writer: Jennifer Abruzzo, general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, has outlined an agenda that would transform the American workplace.
Battleground Michigan: GOP joins with militant far right in campaign against democracy
The Right’s Disney Freakout
Conservatives Are Smearing ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Opponents as Pedophile ‘Groomers’: Social conservative activists have resurrected an old strategy of invoking pedophilia to tar their pro-LGBTQ opponents.
Trump official running for NH House seat voted in two different states in 2016
Why haven’t Republicans had to answer for Trump’s support for Putin?
America Is Staring Down Its First So What? Wave. The United States could be in for a double whammy: a surge it cares to neither measure nor respond to.
Hidden in plain sight: The force fueling America’s covid catastrophe
Eric Boehlert
Meet the high-schooler running for a seat on the D.C. Council
The Case That Killed #MeToo in Sweden

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