Links 4/5/22

Links for you. Science:

How long covid is accelerating a revolution in medical research
More Than 5 Million Chickens In Iowa Slated To Be Killed Over Bird Flu
Russia’s Lies About Bioweapons in Ukraine Make the World Less Safe. Ukraine’s research labs are vital to global health. Disinformation aimed at their work puts everyone in danger.
Feral pigs are biological time bombs. Can California stem their ‘exponential’ damage?
UK Mars rover is casualty of war as science severs its links with Russia
Wallabies to damselflies: Scotland’s newest animals get Gaelic names


Did Sweden beat the pandemic by refusing to lock down? No, its record is disastrous
Do Democrats have any fight left?
Inside Ginni Thomas’ ‘Insane’ Hiring Memos for Trump
Why are Republicans so focused on restricting trans lives? (“A binary conception of gender… seems to be tied to men’s understanding of what it means to be a Republican — and even considering the possibility of variation is incompatible with being a Republican.”)
40 Years of the Reagan Revolution’s Libertarian Experiment Have Brought Us Crisis & Chaos
How Trump allies are pushing to hand-count ballots around the U.S.
I’ve Got A Story, And I’m Going To Tell It
If Biden is frustrated with Garland, it’s his own darn fault
The faux ruins of Pop-n-Wash Car Wash in Lafayette, IN
In a Kyiv Suburb,‘They Shot Everyone They Saw’
Elon Musk wants to kill baby sea turtles
New York Public Library says tens of thousands of books have been returned since policy of no late fees was adopted
This Is Fine
Living With Covid
Several Hundred Howard University Hospital Workers Plan To Strike This Month
Chamber eyes “big moves” to transform Omaha’s urban core
Coalition Of Chambers, Trade Groups, Government Agencies Says Gas Tax Holiday Would Hurt Virginia
Cuts in Britain Could Cause a Covid Data Drought
New Buildings Do Change Neighborhoods—Mostly for the Better
‘This Is True Barbarity’: Life and Death Under Russian Occupation
Wisconsin Democrats built a winning machine. Now comes its greatest test.
An Actual Workplace Issue

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