“The Chance of Rain Is 10-99% Higher Than Yesterday”

That wouldn’t make any sense, right? You certainly wouldn’t be able to plan around that kind of reporting (I stole the post title from infectious disease doc Eli Perencevich).

As I noted last week, this is how the CDC reports the data. If you happen to live in an area where the local authorities are collecting samples and have access to the data, you can get something useful like this:


For those of us who live in the mainland colony of the District of Columbia, we only get the useless CDC percent change. If DC Water and Mayor Bowser were to put their foot (feet? Dunno) down, we could get more useful data–after all, it is their data. Actually, “more useful” is incorrect. We could get usable and useful data.

If we’re essentially ending the public health response and turning this into an individual response, then we need the data to protect ourselves. We’re not getting those data. Yet another failure of governance during this long godawful mess.

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