Links 4/4/22

Links for you. Science:

Birds are laying their eggs a month earlier than normal
The Crooked Forest: A Mystery Worth Exploring
Which Comorbidities Increase the Risk of a COVID-19 Breakthrough Infection?
Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in domestic cats imposes a narrow bottleneck
Why I got a PhD at age 61
Environment and the Evolutionary Trajectory of Horizontal Gene Transfer.


The President Of The United States Is Powerful
D.C. attorney general’s civil lawsuit against Jan. 6 insurrectionists aims to wreck them financially
The Passion of 964 Park Place
Covid vaccines for kids. Some people are still hesitating. Should they?
Ukraine: Apparent War Crimes in Russia-Controlled Areas. Summary Executions, Other Grave Abuses by Russian Forces
The galling cynicism of CBS News hiring Mick Mulvaney
Only Democratic governors — not Joe Biden — can protect the U.S. at this point
The Corporate Threat In Dems’ Must-Win Senate Race
The “Red” and the Brown
Montgomery County’s problems are solvable
Ukraine Says Russian Troops Are Looting Civilians’ Homes On Their Way Out
The pandemic threatens their lives, even though they don’t have covid
GOP Congressional Candidate Believes ‘Abortion Is A Human Sacrifice’ To Demons. Economist Tim Reichert has also argued that birth control contributes to rape.
Corporate landlords are gobbling up U.S. suburbs. These homeowners are fighting back.
Memo Circulated To Florida Teachers Lays Out Clever Sabotage Of ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law
The Jewish travel guide that inspired the Green Book
UK Hits Record COVID-19 Levels; Nearly 5 Million Infected
What the student loan payment pause has meant to Black women
The Shame of Corporate Democrats
How Is This Happening
Once Again, Environmentalists Are Sabotaging Climate Progress
Bruce Willis’s nightmare: What can be crueler for an actor — or a writer — than losing the ability to use and understand words?
Oregon officials need to recognize state’s outsize problem with extremist violence, audit finds

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