Links 2/24/22

Links for you. Science:

Covid infection associated with a greater likelihood of Type 2 diabetes, according to review of patient records
Demand for This Toad’s Psychedelic Venom Is Booming. Some Warn That’s Bad for the Toad.
Science & Tech Spotlight: Long COVID (if only CDC and certain NYT and Washington Post columnists would read this…)
Inside the High-Stakes Race to Test the Covid Tests. Researchers in Atlanta have helped the federal government evaluate dozens of Covid tests and pioneer a new model for developing novel diagnostics.
The People Who Draw Rocks: The Alps’ glaciers are melting, and these Swiss cartographers have work to do
Australia’s Clever Birds Did Not Consent to This Science Experiment


Motivated Reasoning: Emily Oster’s COVID Narratives and the Attack on Public Education (the deconstruction of her shoddy data and analysis is worth the read)
Behind Tucker Carlson and J.D. Vance, a revolt against the GOP unfolds
Republicans promised ‘no circus’ at Jackson’s hearing. Then the clown car rolled in.
Why Are Judges Encouraging Inflation?
Russian tanks are taking a beating. Do they still have a place on the modern battlefield?
How the US could create a test-to-treat location in every home
What previously democratic countries can teach us about the GOP’s tactics to regain power
Is another covid surge here? How worried should we be?
Ted Cruz told Ketanji Brown Jackson that Bushrod Washington was not ‘controversial.’ He was an enslaver.
Who’s Unhappy With Schools? The Answer Surprised Me.
Deep Water snail handler tells all: Ben Affleck was ‘exceptionally good’ with the gastropods
For many Jews, Ukraine brings up memories of pogroms, antisemitism and Nazi collaboration. But Jewish life in Ukraine is no longer what it was.
Jamal Crawford Was The Coolest
Interesting to see how the NY Times has changed their map symbology as the Russian war in Ukraine️ unfolds.
Desperate To Be The Tough Guys
The Left Has Half-Baked Answers on Ukraine
People in Kenya Are Discovering They Suddenly Own Lakefront Property
When Ideology and Reality Collide
A Note From Finland
Current CDC Mask Guidance
Indiana cop participated in neo-Nazi terror gang’s plot to take down power grids on West Coast

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