Links 3/22/22

Links for you. Science:

Why some Americans haven’t gotten COVID yet and why it’s not inevitable they ever will: Experts
Scientists struggle to probe COVID’s origins amid sparse data from China
Wastewater-based detection of an influenza outbreak
Largest Aztec temple was decorated with over 100 starfish
To Prevent Future Variants, We Must Protect Those Most At Risk
CDC email: Let’s do better with ‘our data’. Agency leadership seeks to improve how it collects and sifts through information to get at better outcomes. (the problem isn’t only sharing data within CDC, but outside of it too…)


No, COVID isn’t over. Perhaps there will come a time for post-pandemic victory laps. But this moment needs more vigilance, not fewer protocols.
The search for oligarchs’ wealth in U.S. hindered is by investment loopholes
The only way to fix Boston schools once and for all
LMPD Training Materials Portrayed Police As Avengers Who Carry Out God’s Wrath
Biden Can Control the TVA. Biden can reverse the TVA’s recent fossil fuel decisions if he really wants to. (this would require governing so he won’t though)
Ginni Thomas is above the law. When elites are untouchable, democracy isn’t all that.
Marjorie Taylor Greene has already won. Donate money to win elections, not lose them. Give money to vulnerable Democrats instead.
This Federally Owned Public Utility Company Is Run by a Former Fossil Fuel Executive Who Makes $10 Million
Do public opinion surveys mirror or manufacture political reality? The anatomy of a pull poll.
America Is Zooming Through the Pandemic Panic-Neglect Cycle
Maryland park police officers said they wanted Black Lives Matter protesters dead, according to lawsuit
Escaping Putin
Is Russia prepared for an economic crisis? Development expert Natalia Zubarevich on how sanctions will affect ordinary Russians — and what tools the government has to soften the blow
Former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio serves as a brown face of white supremacy
Ukrainian Americans struggle to get fleeing relatives into United States
There Is A Natural Order To Things
The death spiral of an American family
Religion In Politics
The complicated — but obvious — factors behind changing norms on speech
‘Don’t say gay’ is a Putin regime creation. Brittney Griner is its prisoner
Two alarming trajectories at the Supreme Court
“F*ck You” Money
Am I leaving Spotify? That question is dumb.

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