Links 3/20/22

Links for you. Science:

Why Don’t All Lions Climb Trees? Scientists believe that lions everywhere can climb up into branches, but they’re just not very good at it and need help from the right kind of tree.
Do masks in school affect kids’ speech and social skills?
The Growing Influence of State Governments on Population Health in the United States
River otters are back in Chicago! The once decimated native population is thriving.
Sharks Sleep, Even When Both Eyes Are Wide Open
Donald Pinkel, Who Developed a Cure for Childhood Leukemia, Dies at 95


Trapped in the Endless Night Shift at Chernobyl. The Wall Street Journal takes us inside the effort to keep Eastern Europe habitable.
California NIMBYs learn a lesson: Don’t mess with college admissions
Proposed legislation in Florida resurrects an old assumption about same-sex couples
As Thousands Shelter in Stations, Kyiv’s Metro Is Still Running Trains. About 15,000 people are living in the Ukrainian capital’s Soviet-era subway system to escape Russian shelling.
Defund The Police
The thing to understand about today’s NY Times “cancel culture” essay by the Editorial Board is that they aren’t chiefly concerned about threats to democracy or speech. Their chief concern is standing in defense of the Republic of Letters.
Sounds Bad
Senate Judiciary Republicans Are Already Dragging Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Into the Muck
“Free speech” and “cancel culture”
Massive trial shows COVID rapid tests excel at detecting silent cases
16 House reps—all Republican—voted against bill to promote education on internment camps
‘We Would Die Under Moscow.’ Odesa Unites To Resist Putin’s Invasion
Is Russia losing? Russia’s offensive is stalled. It has taken massive casualties. We are, according to one expert, “seeing a country militarily implode.”
A Windfall Profits Tax Would Be an Inflation Rebate
Ukraine’s wartime rail chief has to be faster than the Russians tracking him
How Ukrainian children understand the war
I Was A COVID Doctor. Here’s The One Thing I Refuse To Do As We ‘Get Back To Normal.’
Did Education Sway the VA Election? Maybe, but Probably Not. (in off-off year elections, old people really matter, and, in VA, they are very conservative)
Rep. Good endorses far-right congressional candidate who has called for voter-fraud executions
The often subtle distinction between anti-U.S. and pro-Putin rhetoric
Has Ukraine “Won the Information War”? Not So Fast. With white nationalists and QAnon pushing Putin’s line, the broader right could soon join in.
Idaho Lt. Guv Triples Down on Racist Appeal as Home-State Backlash Mushrooms
Time for Another Major Vaccine Push

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1 Response to Links 3/20/22

  1. John says:

    I’m not as optimistic as Vox about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I’m also reminded that the US invasion of Iraq — the occupation at least — was incompetent as well. In fact, I viewed that as a favorable development. (Suppose they had done it right? What kind of military adventures would we be in now?)

    My own view is that we should accompany military support for defending Ukraine with serious punishment of a few of the top people who plotted the invasion of Iraq, decided to invade, made the phony cases, required the mainstream media to push the invasion, etc. (I imagine something on the order of chopping them to pieces on national television. It’s unfortunately too late for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.)

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