Links 3/2/22

Links for you. Science:

C.D.C. Study Raises Questions About Agency’s Isolation Guidelines (paper here)
Largest bacterium ever discovered has an unexpectedly complex cell. Giant microbe from a mangrove could be a missing link between single-celled organisms and the cells that make up humans
SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 (Omicron) Variant Transmission Within Households — Four U.S. Jurisdictions, November 2021–February 2022
Fossils show a crocodile ancestor dined on a young dinosaur
The Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker Is Armed to the Teeth
Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on future seasonal influenza epidemics


The Hard Lessons We Learned — and Didn’t — From Two Years in Pandemic School (excellent)
The antisemitism animating Putin’s claim to ‘denazify’ Ukraine
Public Defenders Will Have a Champion on the Supreme Court of the United States
Next Year in Kyiv? When it comes to Russian Orthodoxy, Kyiv is essentially Jerusalem.
No, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow is Not Calling for Peace — In Fact, He’s Putin’s Accomplice
The New York Times is failing Canada
Gavin Newsom’s SMARTER Plan for COVID could definitely be smarter
In growing National Harbor, eyes are once again set on a future Metro station
A far-right website created 36 days ago is more popular on Facebook than the Washington Post
California voters strongly support mask and vaccine mandates in K-12 schools
Why Is Putin at War Again? Because He Keeps Winning.
Howard University to digitize its archive of thousands of Black newspapers
3 in 10 District residents do not feel safe in their neighborhoods, Post poll finds
Scammy Instagram ‘war pages’ are capitalizing on Ukraine conflict
Putin’s Playmates Trump and Tucker Remind Trumpsters They’ve Been Trained to Love Putin
We’ve all seen Putin’s bizarre references to the ‘de-nazification’ of Ukraine govt. A couple of days ago, in response, I tweeted ‘De-nazification begins at home’. But this wasn’t just empty ‘back atcha’ rhetoric. It’s time we talked about Putin advisor Aleksandr Dugin.
Putin cites ‘genocide’ in Ukraine. But that was 80 years ago.
In Michelle Wu’s first 100 days as Boston mayor, new directions and age-old power struggles
The saddest irony of Putin’s war on Ukraine
Why Teachers Are Dropping Out
Putin has unfinished business in America
Biden Has Chosen Ketanji Brown Jackson for a Reason
The Forgotten District. Is North Carolina congressman and Trump acolyte Madison Cawthorn exposing the limits of the new celebrity politics?
Family Thought Unvaxxed 13-Year-Old Beat COVID–Then She Died
China’s Content Moderators Are Overworked and Chronically Stressed

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