Links 2/4/22

Links for you. Science:

Multiple spillovers from humans and onward transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in white-tailed deer (these don’t seem to be the dominant variants however)
Scientists Found a Nitrogen-Fixing Seagrass
Did a mega drought topple empires 4,200 years ago?
The World’s Next Big Health Emergency Is Already Here
SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination boosts Neutralizing Activity against Seasonal Human Coronaviruses
CDC is asked to release race and gender data on long covid


“We Need to Get Back to Normal,” I Say, While I Continue to Live My Life Normally, As I Have Throughout This Pandemic
If You Have A SmarTrip Card From Before 2012, You’ll Need To Replace It By March (I had to do this)
Students In D.C. Region Stage Walk Outs Over COVID Safety
McConnell’s not alone. A lot of white folks don’t think Blacks are real ‘Americans’
DC restaurant’s liquor license to be suspended after violating vaccine mandate (FAFO)
Florida ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill banning school discussion of sexual identity is pure evil
‘No More Hiding’: Sanders Says Make GOP Vote on Popular Policies
Stephen Breyer’s Legacy of Destruction: “On the basis of his antitrust record, he is an unjust man. Breyer is the candidate of big business and monopoly in America.”
How It Feels to Be an Asian Student in an Elite Public School. Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech and other schools across the country are under pressure to end entrance exams. Students have complicated feelings about that.
Maus in Tennessee: Censoring Spiegelman’s masterpiece is fear of honest history
Three Union Kitchen Stores Seek To Unionize
Northland school book ban advocate now facing child molestation charge
Errant Tweet on Chicago Union Politics Sparks Turmoil In D.C. Democrats
New York Times cites conservative legal pundit with history of smearing the competence of women jurists of color
America’s split-screen pandemic: Many families resume their lives even as hospitals are overwhelmed
Washington State Trooper Who Quit Over Vaccine Mandates Reportedly Dies Of COVID (related post here worth reading)
The targets of hate can’t be left to fight back alone
The case for pro-growth progressivism
Current weather: A blizzard of snowflakes in the red states
‘A big deal, and it’s bad’: IRS facial scanning plan raises privacy fears
Covid has changed the way I eat. Don’t take chances with omicron.
As COVID shots for kids stall, appeals are aimed at wary parents
Art Spiegelman sees the new ban of his book ‘Maus’ as a ‘red alert’
Ron Johnson’s Reelection Strategy Is to Amplify Covid Conspiracy Theories

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