Links 2/1/22

Links for you. Science:

In Sewage, Clues to Omicron’s Surge
These Are the Latest COVID Treatments
Photographer Finds Polar Bears That Took Over Abandoned Buildings
Doctors’ discovery about long COVID could lead to more effective treatment (paper here)
Selection for Phage Resistance Reduces Virulence of Shigella flexneri
U.S. science no longer leads the world. Here’s how top advisers say the nation should respond


The Bogus Claim That School Closures Will Doom Democrats. Pundits are acting apocalyptic about pandemic education policy and the midterms. The evidence paints a far shakier picture.
Antivaxx Holocaust. Vaccine protests, yellow stars, and an inoculation of historical reality (must-read)
Dreams and kindness are all we have
Republican opposition to voting rights bills follows decades of pretend support
Racial disparities may be emerging in breakthrough infections. We must track them better.
A Bunch of Anti-Vaccine Protesters Clashed With DC Restaurant Workers Over the Weekend
We’ve reached a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. So many (even safe, rational) folks are leaning on a new motto- one I’m calling ‘endemic fatalism’. “We’re all going to get it,” is what I keep hearing.
D.C. Is a Donut. There Is No Center in Washington Politics. Pundits blame progressives for Biden’s sagging approval ratings, but the left represents more of America than it does in Congress.
Judge Strikes Down New York Governor’s Statewide Mask Mandate (Conservative Party and conservative judge)
Loose gun laws hamper investigation into Texas synagogue hostage-taker
Behind the latest GOP restrictions on race teaching: A hidden, toxic goal
My college stopped relying heavily on the SAT. Enrollment of students of color climbed.
Axios-Ipsos poll: Omicron’s big numbers
Sarah Godlewski could be the best chance to rid the Senate of Ron Johnson
Schools and everyone in them are just trying not to drown in the omicron wave
I’m a Chicago principal. Our schools are not OK.
These Assholes Are Trying To Kill Your Kids (“…we should all contemplate the fact that prominent elected Democrats are regularly responsible for “some guy with a sign” and the Republican party isn’t even held responsible for the Republican party.”)
In keeping with a racist history, GOP agriculture commissioner blocks federal aid to Black farmers
Cost of Driving Drives Cost of Living Increases
The only way is… down! Why underground urban development is on the rise
The Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas
Free To Be Just Like Me
Bill that would ban employers from mandating vaccines passes Iowa Senate subcommittee
The Big Board Will Face A D.C. Liquor Board Review After Reportedly Violating Vaccine And Mask Mandates

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