Links 1/12/22

Links for you. Science:

The pandemic whistleblower: Rick Bright raised the alarm about the Trump administration’s response to COVID‑19. Now, he wants to build an alert system for future threat
BNT162b2 post-exposure-prophylaxis against COVID-19
Pre-existing humoral immunity to human common cold coronaviruses negatively impacts the protective SARS-CoV-2 antibody response
Fossils of a Prehistoric Rainforest Hide in Australia’s Rusted Rocks
Have archaeologists finally discovered the long-lost temple of Hercules?


We both led Medicare and Medicaid. Biden’s vaccine mandate for health-care workers must stand.
‘Survivor’ Contestant Worked as Undercover ‘Honey Pot’ Targeting Dems
How blocking Biden’s vaccine mandate would be a Supreme Court gift to Trump
The Jan. 6 Defendants Are Getting Off Easy
A growing global potato shortage is affecting french fries, from Japan to Kenya
I’m An ICU Doctor In Rural Ohio. This Is The Horror I Face Every Day Due To COVID-19.
Sidney Poitier was an icon of racial reassurance. But his genius lay in his rage.
An Unfounded ‘Mass Psychosis’ Theory Is Being Used To Dismiss COVID Precautions (and using rare terms helps amplify them because search engines point to the propaganda)
After second suspension, Metro says timing for return of railcars is unknown: The latest hang-up: Technicians didn’t know whether to pass or fail a railcar if its wheels moved precisely 1/32 of an inch
Libraries demand a new deal on ebooks: Legislation would force expanded access to digital titles
D.C. needs statehood, not Ted Cruz meddling with its schools (yep)
Mass. mandates COVID-19 booster shots for nursing home workers and takes action to ease hospital bottlenecks
Vaccine makers were just beginning to catch up to demand. Then omicron hit.
‘Turned out to be a fiasco’: Mask controversy erodes Mass. educators’ faith in state (IT’S AN ABSOLUTE MYSTERY WHY SO MANY TEACHERS DON’T WANT TO RETURN TO THE CLASSROOM RIGHT NOW).
No One Is Coming to Save Us From the ‘Dagger at the Throat of America’
Can Mayor Wu really make the T free? Sizing up the biggest idea in Massachusetts politics.
Peter Navarro wants you to know they only intended to overthrow the government peacefully
How to boost voter turnout to nearly 100 percent: Saving democracy might require mandatory voting — and Massachusetts can lead the way.
I have a very personal illustration of just how “Is she hospitalized for COVID or with COVID?” is not the flex people who want to downplay the seriousness of our pandemic situation is.
Courts without law
No More Working for Jerks!

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