Links 1/3/22

Links for you. Science:

The Return of the Urban Firestorm: What happened in Colorado was something much scarier than a wildfire.
Technical briefing: Update on hospitalisation and vaccine effectiveness for Omicron VOC-21NOV-01 (B.1.1.529)
Much has changed since the start of the pandemic. But the nation’s public health system remains fractured.
Executive dysfunction following SARS-CoV-2 infection: A cross-sectional examination in a population-representative sample
NASA’s Retiring Top Scientist Says We Can Terraform Mars and Maybe Venus, Too
Richard Leakey, Kenyan Fossil Hunter and Conservationist, Dies at 77


What To Do
Biden should stop pretending his resistance to a vax-to-fly rule is about public health
Positivity rate in Congress tops 13 percent; masks must be upgraded, attending physician says (this is lower than D.C. however)
Bartender Savagely Kicks A Polite Nazi Customer Out Of His Bar And Explains Why It’s Important To Do S
The collapse of the USSR gave the branch of the Republican Party that wanted to destroy the New Deal confidence that their ideology was right
The Year in Labor Strife
The Unbearable Double Standard of the US Press, judging Biden Harshly and Abruptly Forgetting Trump’s Bizarre Antics
Old Parliament House fire protesters linked to anti-vaccine and conspiracy groups
How canceling student loan debt would be strategically smart for Biden (yes, it isEvery Day Is Jan. 6 Now
This is the worst economy we never had
Billionaires Should Not Exist — Here’s Why
Throughout the pandemic, one Atlanta-area landlord has bombarded residents with eviction notices
Let Her Rip
‘A sacrificial lamb’: Pandemic politics force out hundreds of public health officials
Ghouls At The Table
I would like to spend a few minutes unofficially praising and providing my personal view of the background for my university’s workshops promoting diversity and excellence in recruiting faculty.
Ungerrymandered: Michigan’s Maps, Independently Drawn, Set Up Fair Fight
The truth in 2022 is our strongest weapon against the lies that fed the insurrection
D.C. Saw 227 Homicides This Year, As Murders Increased For The Fourth Year In A Row

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