The Canard of Endless Restrictions

Over the Christmas holiday weekend, Shadi Hamid had a really stupid Twitter thread, blaming ‘liberals’ for anti-vaccination attitudes among conservatives. Leaving aside the Murc’s Law violation, one phrase that pisses me off is Hamid’s notion of “endless COVID restrictions”.

First, the places that have the fewest restriction–or don’t have any–are the ones that caterwaul the loudest about said restrictions. In most places, after June 2020, we haven’t really done any significant lockdowns, and outside of a few cities (the actual cities, not the larger metro areas), there have been few or no restrictions at all (and miss me with the ‘sometimes I have to wear a mask’ crap–the only adverse effects of mask wearing is melodramatic whining). Schools did have masks, but that was largely because kids couldn’t be vaccinated.

Which brings me to the second point: COVID prevalence still matters (as everyone but Hamid and other Thinky Thought Leaders realizes with Omicron). If you look outside and there’s a slight fog, you don’t even need an umbrella, but if there’s three inches per hour of rain, you seek shelter on high ground. Given that a reasonable estimate of the percentage of infected and likely infectious people is somewhere between one to four percent of the total population in hard hit areas (and two doses doesn’t seem to provide much protection against infection), we’re definitely on the three inches per hour end of the spectrum right now.

And it’s not unreasonable to want to avoid an infection that leads to a small but not trivial rate of long-term disability (hopefully, third doses diminishe that). You’re not being a hypochondriac. That’s normal.

Anyway, since I’m on semi-vacation blogging schedule, this is my way of saying Happy Fucking Tuesday.

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3 Responses to The Canard of Endless Restrictions

  1. Marcus from Minnesota says:

    Happy Tuesday to you too, Mike. Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your collections and posts. Thanks and best wishes for a New Year.

    • David in Tokyo says:

      Seconded! Hooray for the mad biologist.

      Grumble. As an ex-Bostonian (very ex: ’52 to ’81 or so) I miss your Boston stuff, but that’s my problem. Keep up the good work.

  2. Happy Fucking Tuesday to you, too. Since I take the bus & Ubers/Lyfts, I never stopped wearing a mask. & unlike all the babies who complained about wearing a mask, I got used to it. I have PTSD from being raped & having my mouth stuffed with a … I can’t remember … but back in the beginning of the COVID stuff, wearing a mask brought all that back to me. But instead of being a Fng baby, I told myself … you have to deal with this … & this is what is going to save you & everyone else. & I got used to it … & I dealt with my trauma .. on an everyday basis. & I’m stronger for it. I’m actually GRATEFUL for this mask business … it made me deal with issues I was stuffing … & now I’m over a lot of that crap. Thank you .. whoever the fuck.

    Have a Happy New Year & best wishes.

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