Moderate Democrats Gonna Moderate Democrat

Even the Washington Post gets it (boldface mine):

No state in the nation has recorded a higher rate of covid-19 infection over the past week than the District of Columbia. Justifiably concerned, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) on Wednesday announced the city will impose a vaccine mandate requiring patrons 12 and older of restaurants, bars, gyms and many other businesses to produce proof they have gotten at least one shot as a condition of entry.

The mayor’s move is prudent; it’s also late and timid.

It comes weeks or months after other cities in the United States and overseas took more forceful measures. And by requiring just one shot to access some places starting Jan. 15, and a second shot for mRNA vaccine recipients not until Feb. 15, the mayor fails to recognize that D.C. is a laggard on what is among the most important protective steps: a booster.

…public health experts warn that further variants are certain to emerge, with unpredictable infectivity and lethality. They also know that the virus transmits readily through the air in tight spaces where people don’t wear face masks — including bars and restaurants. If they are to stay open, it makes sense to use admission as an incentive to cajole more people to get the shot. A semblance of normal life beckons.

Ms. Bowser has worried about pushback — surly customers confronting beleaguered restaurant servers. Yet D.C.’s 9:30 Club, a music venue with a capacity of 1,200, larger than any local restaurant, imposed a vaccine mandate more than two months ago. And other big cities have managed. Parisians and New Yorkers, neither renowned for their docility, have coped with much tougher restrictions than Ms. Bowser’s for months. Those mandates were met with grumbling, protests — and widespread compliance

Microsoft, Tyson Foods, United Airlines and other major employers are also done with asking politely — they’ve told their employees to get vaccinated or risk being fired. For better or for worse, such no-nonsense policies are the best chance for impeding the pandemic.

Bowser–with very little criticism from the D.C. Council–has been too slow and timid to take the steps needed to keep COVID-19 at manageable levels. They can’t say, “We will reduce COVID, but…” or “We will reduce COVID, while…” The only way to reduce COVID prevalence–and return to a “semblance of normal life” is to do that, without trying to get clever. Instead, every time we make progress, we then backslide with completely predictable results.

This is why I argue most of our elected officials should not be re-elected.

Happy Fucking Friday.

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