Links 12/23/21

Links for you. Science:

A dinosaur embryo, exceptionally preserved in an egg about to hatch, reveals links to birds
US Army Creates Single Vaccine Effective Against All COVID & SARS Variants, Researchers Say
Infection with the SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant is Associated with Higher Recovery of Infectious Virus Compared to the Alpha Variant in both Unvaccinated and Vaccinated Individuals
While omicron explodes around the world, covid cases in Japan keep plummeting and no one knows exactly why
Early assessment of the clinical severity of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in South Africa
How Long Does Omicron Take to Make You Sick?


He wore a wire, risked his life to expose who was in the KKK (hero)
Are Americans less likely to reply to emails from Black people relative to White people?
Parents And Lawmakers Demand Answers After Third-Graders Made To Reenact Holocaust At School
D.C. to require coronavirus vaccination to enter restaurants, gyms and other businesses
White House Reverses Course on At-Home COVID Tests
The Schools
Build Back Better is the latest victim of America’s anti-democratic Senate
People Got Sick at a Conspiracy Conference. They’re Sure It’s Anthrax.
How The Koch Network Hijacked The War On COVID
COVID-19 pill approved by FDA, Pfizer says it’s ready to start U.S. delivery ‘immediately’
We Really Don’t Need Some Guy They Call ‘The General’ Trying to Overturn a Free Election
Democrats see glimmer of hope in ongoing talks with Manchin on Build Back Better
West Virginians Ask Joe Manchin: Which Side Are You On?
The Squad Was Right All Along
The Manchin Base
No, Members of Congress Should Not Own Individual Stocks. Nancy Pelosi believes that lawmakers should be allowed to participate in the “free market economy.” Well, they are “free” to leave office then!
Now Can We Try the Day One Agenda? (“If a politician gets 100 percent or near 100 percent of what they were asking for and still won’t agree to the terms, you have to conclude that they won’t agree to anything.”)
If They Can’t Kill Permanent “Open Restaurants,” Then Community Boards Want To Review Permits
Algorithmic amplification of politics on Twitter
Joe Manchin Is Faking His Fears of Inflation. Manchin claims that concern for the economy drives his opposition to Build Back Better — but his favorite wonks don’t share his suspicion.

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