Links 12/19/21

Links for you. Science:

Beaver Dams Mean No Love Lost for Canada’s Emblematic Animal
Neandertals were the first hominids to turn forest into grassland 125,000 years ago
Antibiotic Use in US Farm Animals Was Falling. Now It’s Not
The U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Program at One Year: How Many Deaths and Hospitalizations Were Averted?
At Last, a True Millipede That Actually Has 1,000 Legs or More
How severe are Omicron infections? As cases spread and countries plan their response, researchers await crucial data on the severity of the disease caused by the coronavirus variant.


Reinstating indoor mask mandate ‘on the table’ as coronavirus cases surge, Bowser says (1. Every 3-4 days, there’s a new round of infection. Speed matters. 2. Bowser shouldn’t have cancelled the mask mandate to begin with; she is awful, please don’t re-elect her)
Trump White House made ‘deliberate efforts’ to undermine Covid response, report says (this is impeachable; report here)
Fully Vaccinated Is About to Mean Something Else
Who Are the Sons of Confederate Veterans?
Southwest CEO tests positive for COVID-19 after Senate hearing – airline
Elizabeth Warren: Congress Must Expand the Supreme Court
Highly vaccinated countries thought they were over the worst. Denmark says the pandemic’s toughest month is just beginning.
The FDA Didn’t Liberate Abortion—but We Still Can
Omicron and holidays unleash scramble for coronavirus tests across the U.S.
Even in Blue States, Critical Race Theory Panic Is Spreading
Expand the Supreme Court
Nobody Could Have Predicted
A domestic newspaper warns of the Russian space program’s “rapid collapse”
Ill Liberal Arts: The politics of making political science a low priority
The Toxic Positivity of Hillary Clinton’s MasterClass in “Resilience”
Why Is The Pursuit of Money Such an American Obsession?
As fans return to high school sports, officials say student behavior has never been worse
Liz Cheney is going for the jugular. It may be the only way out
Omicron is coming and lockdowns aren’t coming back. So what can we do?
Prosecutor’s conspiracy case against ‘antifa’ appears based on same old antisemitic Soros smear
How the pandemic is shaking up civil and criminal trials

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