Links 12/9/21

Links for you. Science:

Reduced neutralisation of the Delta (B.1.617.2) SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern following vaccination
Evolution of ColE1-like plasmids across γ-Proteobacteria: From bacteriocin production to antimicrobial resistance
Why Are There So Many Kinds of Phytoplankton? Considering what the world looks like to a plankton offers a new path to solving the paradox of the plankton.
We’re Not at Endemicity Yet. Too many people still have no protection against the coronavirus. (no, we’re not)
The Pandemic Has Your Blood Pressure Rising? You’re Not Alone.
Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 shot loses power against Omicron variant, but booster restores protection


The triumph of right wing propaganda in America
America’s Covid Rapid Test Plan Is Appallingly Inadequate
Sports parents are horrible and referees are finally doing something about it — quitting
But her earphones
Growing use of home Covid-19 tests leaves health agencies in the dark about unreported cases (I would get an ‘official’ test even with very mild symptoms for insurance purposes, such as dealing with any long-term problem)
The obvious problem with blaming coronavirus deaths on Joe Biden
Fred Hiatt & the Terrible Quandry Of Elite Journalism
Joe Manchin sides with GOP — moves to block Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses (asshole)
Lina Khan Cashes In Her Chips
In Georgia, Republicans’ Faustian bargain with Trump is catching up with them
Conservatives Have a New Bogeyman: Critical Energy Theory
When Couples Don’t Agree on the Vaccine
COVID-19 Hit This County Hard. A Weakened Health Department Still Can’t Get People Vaccinated.
People Thirsty to Reverse Their Coronavirus Vaccination Love This Wacky ‘Treatment’
Major antitrust adversary in Congress has daughter on Google’s legal team
State Legislatures Are Still the Key to Trump’s Election-Coup Efforts
Torrance police traded racist, homophobic texts. It could jeopardize hundreds of cases
Easy Peasy
We must get serious about fighting the Republican threat to our democracy

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