Links 12/6/21

Links for you. Science:

Tshwane District Omicron Variant Patient Profile – Early Features (hopefully, this will give some people an idea of what we don’t know yet)
Why Didn’t the U.S. Detect Omicron Cases Sooner? Genomic surveillance has improved enormously in recent months, but the system has built-in delays, and blind spots remain.
Hippos with runny noses test positive for COVID-19 at Belgian zoo (HIPPO VIOLATION)
Heterologous infection and vaccination shapes immunity against SARS-CoV-2 variants
This Dinosaur Found in Chile Had a Battle Ax for a Tail
Omicron Update: Dec 4


‘Fools, drunks, and the United States of America’: Whether or not Bismarck ever said that God looked after creatures in these categories, it’s a way of asking whether the U.S. has relied too long on providence and sheer luck. (must-read)
Show your Texas pride by supporting this UT museum
What Dr. Oz’s Senate campaign is missing
The Drought That May Never End
Justice Sotomayor drops the S-bomb
We Need to Take China’s Military Strength Seriously
Who’s Killing the Grizzlies of Fremont County?
Ted Cruz Is the Disease
Snow may vanish for years at a time in Mountain West with climate warming
Enes Kanter Freedom: The NBA Authoritarian Against Authoritarianism
An Italian anti-vaxxer wanted a health certificate, so he wore a fake arm to his coronavirus vaccination
Penobscot Nation Members Do Not Want Ancestors’ Scalping Whitewashed
As GWU students get unlimited transit deal, Metro wants more colleges on board
What if a new New Deal was coming and no one noticed?
These photos show us what Miami Beach was like in the 1970s
Now we’re getting somewhere with free public transit
The Tyranny of the Task. The “microwork” that makes AI run is just piecework with a digital makeover
Black parents say movement to ban critical race theory is ruining their children’s education
Illustrating the Wisdom of Universal Benefits
Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden to help him get his son into college
Omicron Up Close: South Africa’s Experts Tell Their Stories
A Black couple ‘erased themselves’ from their home to see if the appraised value would go up. It did – by nearly $500,000
McGeachin campaign official “disgusted” by Juneteenth, blasts Hershey’s ad with Black family

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