Links 12/3/21

Links for you. Science:

Fact Check-Research abstract is not reliable evidence of a link between mRNA vaccines and heart disease
Omicron – on a scale from 1-10, how bad is this going to be? This one’s a weirdo, so I’m a 3, a 10, or anything in-between.
New preprint out: Germany’s current COVID-19 crisis is mainly driven by the unvaccinated
Given the data we’re all waiting on with Omicron, I want to spend a minute talking about antibodies and the possible worst-case scenario of Omicron showing complete escape from neutralization by vaccine- or infection-derived antibodies.
Omicron Won’t Ruin Your Booster. Sometimes, dips in immunization quality can be rescued with a little extra quantity.
Increased risk of SARS-CoV-2 reinfection associated with emergence of the Omicron variant in South Africa


We may have already missed our last, best chance to bolster American democracy
Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and … Joe Manchin threaten government shutdown over vaccine mandates
‘Roe’ is dead. The Roberts Court’s ‘stench’ will live forever.
Omicron variant: Let’s not make Africa the target of our fear and our travel ban
Billie Jean King: My abortion story shows why the Supreme Court must save Roe v. Wade
Can We Occasionally Err On The Side Of Doing Too Much And Not Declare Mission Accomplished Too Early
Republicans Are Undermining the Vaccine and Blaming Biden for It
Why Do We Need a 24/7 Economy?
Up all night with a Twitch millionaire: The loneliness and rage of the Internet’s new rock stars
There’s A New Push To Let D.C. Voters Cast Ballots From Their Phones (nope)
Former federal prosecutor: We’ll see “a tidal wave of criminal charges against Donald Trump” (I too love modern fantasy…)
Georgia election workers suing conspiracy website over ‘campaign of lies’: In a lawsuit filed Thursday, Ruby Freeman and her daughter allege how they became the target of a feedback loop of misinformation that included President Donald Trump. (Gateway Pundit was always a walking shit stain)

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