A Quick Thought on Omicron–and Lambda

While I wrote about some of my HAWT OMIKRON TAEKS on Monday, there’s one other thing to keep in mind. In December 2020, which admittedly is like eleventy gajillion ‘COVID years’ ago, the Lambda variant arose in Peru and rapidly rose from about 0.5% to greater than 90% by July 2021. Like Omicron, it appeared to evade the immune system rather well, and the rapid rise in the Peruvian data was very ominous. Yet Lamdba never amounted to much in the U.S., and is essentially non-existent in the U.S. today.

I don’t want to be pollyannish about this: Omicron very well could be a doozy. But whether or not it establishes and takes off globally (or in the U.S.) is uncertain. We not only need to wait and see what the immunological data reveal in a couple of weeks, but we also need to have a better understanding of the epidemiology in South Africa to see if that can provide clues as to the potential for spread (or the lack thereof).

So Keep Calm and Carry On: wear a mask in indoor public places, get the full course of all three shots, test frequently, and yell at political leaders to improve ventilation and impose vaccination requirements for non-essential indoor activities. In other words, same as usual.

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