Links 11/20/21

Links for you. Science:

Why this 300 million-year-old fossil discovered in Utah has the paleontology world buzzing
Invasive pythons slither north in Florida Everglades: May mean snake ‘population is expanding’
Exploring bacterial diversity via a curated and searchable snapshot of archived DNA sequences
Pfizer booster shot could offer protection for 9-10 months — initial data (leaked, unseen report, but…)
50 percent of people who survive covid-19 face lingering symptoms, study finds (this seems…high, but even a couple percent of non-hospitalized people is really bad; paper here))
I support making boosters broadly available for those 18 and older. Even if breakthrough cases are generally mild in younger age groups, there is significant societal benefit to reducing circulation. (Trevor Bedford’s take)


Democrats PLEASE Sell The Soup
A Twin Cities doctor spread misinformation about COVID-19. Then he died from it
Marilyn Manson: The Monster Hiding in Plain Sight
How A History Of Racial Discrimination Created ‘Islands of Disadvantage’ In Northern Virginia
Employers Still in Denial About the New Normal of Fed-Up Low Wage Workers
Steve Bannon’s indictment reveals a dangerous congressional dependency
Trump Throws Raging Tantrum Over McConnell Plan to Nix Him from Biden Inauguration
James K. Galbraith attributes the supply-chain problem in the US to a system that was built for efficiency, not resilience
New bill would provide GI Bill benefits to descendants of Black World War II vets
Where Did All the Public Bathrooms Go?
A Black Woman Invented Home Security. Why Did It Go So Wrong?
Anger, grievance, resentment: we need to understand how anti-vaxxers feel to make sense of their actions
What Do They Think Universities Are For
How a rural Pa. attack on LGBTQ speech backfired
Iowa Guv Used COVID Money To Pay Her Own Staff, Audit Reveals
Can a Trendy Food Hall and New Dining Halls Fix GWU’s Hunger Problem?
This Moment in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Stopped Me Cold
Takoma Park touts progressive values. What happens when city workers push for higher wages?
Texas State Guard member who set Austin synagogue on fire now faces federal charges
A New Report Shows How Drastically The Pandemic Affected Learning In D.C.
How the UK sleepwalked into another Covid disaster. By failing to prevent the rapid spread of coronavirus in schools, Boris Johnson has thrown children and adults to the wolves.
Goodbye Trump Hotel, Hello Waldorf Astoria D.C.
Howard University Students End One Of The Longest Protests In School’s History

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