Links 11/17/21

Links for you. Science:

Potentially long-lasting effects of the pandemic on scientists
A Cancer-Quashing Microbe Emerges from the Deep
Glowing viruses allow San Antonio researchers to track how COVID-19 spreads in real time
The U.K. is on its way to eliminating cervical cancer. Here’s why the U.S. isn’t close
America’s native grasslands are disappearing
‘Cheeky’ sea lions are returning to New Zealand’s shores — and locals are learning to share the coast


Menace, as a Political Tool, Enters the Republican Mainstream
The predatory dimensions of criminal justice
California college students live in vans and hotels as campus housing plans spark backlash
Notes on an Authoritarian Conspiracy: Inside the Claremont Institute’s “79 Days to Inauguration” Report: Claremont’s post-election war game provides a window into the group’s ambitions. (“This isn’t a serious wargame or a policy study so much as a bowdlerized retelling of The Turner Diaries.”)
How Trump’s Appointees Continue to Dismantle the Postal Service
You’re paying too much for prescription drugs. Biden’s bill will lower costs – unless lobbyists prevent it
Hello, police? Yes, Iceland just murdered Mark Zuckerberg.
Border Patrol vaccination rates increase, but 20 percent of agency’s workforce has not gotten shots (not surprising)
The Republican establishment’s rationalization of Trump’s fraud claims is also wrong
American Ozymandias: Part 1, The Obama Center in Chicago
Corporate So-Called “Centrists” Lost These Democratic Races, But They’ll Never Admit It
Still fighting: WWII Warsaw Uprising veteran defends EU
Why Facebook won’t let you control your own news feed
‘It’s just scary in this situation’: Questions follow COVID outbreaks at two Jamaica Plain schools
Oklahoma National Guard rejects Pentagon’s coronavirus vaccine mandate
Bringing local public health boards into the 21st century
Sorry, Mr. Trump: Executive privilege is President Biden’s to assert
West Hollywood Just Won the Highest Minimum Wage in the Country
The ‘psychology of regret’ helps explain why vaccine mandates work
The Senate Cannot Be Reformed—It Can Only Be Abolished
Two Smithsonian glass shows highlight the medium’s eye-popping variety
Rhode Island has a math crisis
Ministry of Violence, Parts I—III. Corporal punishment, Evangelicals, and the Doctrine of Obedience (Real Americans though)
The Obstacle Course Facing Those Seeking Abortions

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