Links 11/12/21

Links for you. Science:

Meet ‘Cold Bone’: New dinosaur species found in Greenland
COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in underserved communities of North Carolina
Genomic evidence of environmental and resident Salmonella Senftenberg and Montevideo contamination in the pistachio supply-chain
A phylogenomic framework for charting the diversity and evolution of giant viruses
A need of COVID19 vaccination for children aged <12 years: Comparative evidence from the clinical characteristics in patients during a recent Delta surge (“The Delta surge in Putian spread from children in schools to factories, mostly through family contact.”)
The U.S. Is Relying On Other Countries’ Data To Make Its Booster Shot Decisions


Bringing The Hard ‘R’
Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Just Lie. His lies, his illogical defense, and his hubris damage all professional athletes. (1. The shade: “He also expressed concern over fertility issues, even though there is a greater risk of infertility from COVID-19, which he has.”; 2. That Rodgers used homeopathy–which is magic water–really hasn’t been discussed)
James Carville’s rebuke of ‘wokeness’ is nothing more than a rebuke of Blackness
NY Times: COVID is Getting Even Redder
“Normal Democrat”
As numbers of multilingual students rises, finding teachers for them becomes a priority
Why Can’t They Just Put Aside Their Differences And Get Things Done
Some districts plan for new full-time virtual schools to outlast the coronavirus pandemic
Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Isn’t Really a Vaccine Mandate
Covid-19 killed my brother and sister a week apart. It didn’t have to happen.
Democrats sweat midterm fallout from Nevada party crack-up (the Iron Law of Institutions…)
She told the truth about Wuhan. Now she is near death in a Chinese prison. (that is cancel culture)
Right-Wing Aristocrats Fund Critical Race Theory ‘Backlash’
Joe Manchin Might Be a Sentient Brick of Coal, but There’s Still a Chance Democrats Will Pass a Decent Climate Plan
Mold, mice, month of protests put Howard’s housing contract under scrutiny (more about vulture capitalism)
Some heroes sit at a keyboard
Tysons development is shortchanging accessibility
Fox News hosts lash out at “propaganda” of Sesame Street educating kids about vaccines
More activists who have had abortions are saying so out loud. Here’s why
How American leaders failed to help workers survive the ‘China Shock’ (this article is about 25 years too late…)
There is nothing godly about outlawing abortion — and Texas’ law is particularly un-Christian
The 40-Year Mystery of Smutty Smiff and the Missing Rockabilly Bass
One of America’s Largest Unions Is Backing Supreme Court Expansion
The Temple of Tolerance, Wapakoneta, OH

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