Driftglass’ Reponse to Sebelius

Seven years into the reign of Little Lord Pontchartrain, some Democrats still don’t get that the Republicans and movement conservatives do not reconsider and rethink, they regroup and rearm. driftglass tries to help Democratic Kansas Governor Sebelius understand this (bold original):

And then comes the Democratic response from Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.
Sebelius: I’m a Democrat, but that doesn’t matter tonight. The fact that you’re tuning in suggests that you’re[….]
Oh, Jebus. Pause, while I roll my eyes and reach for the Fwow Up Bag.
Sebelius: I will now detour from the traditional “partisan” response and give an “American” response.
Sebelius: We’re fucked, people! We have to do something! And a temporary fix is not enough. We need to get Real Results.
Sebelius: The Democratic Majority has begun to move us in the right direction , so Mr. President how about you join us? A Majority are ready to pass SCHIP. So how about it, Mr. Preznit? Won’t you join us and help the lil’ chilluns?
Dubya: No, he will he will not do these things because he does not believe government should do these things. What, have you been passed out drunk in the Little Centrist’s Room for the last 20 year?
Sebelius: The New Democratic Majority are ready…if only our Republican Congressional colleagues would stop behaving like assholes and join us.
Sebelius: I know Gummint can work to benefit the People.
driftglass: Are you high? Don’t you read…anything? GOP 101 is that Gummint is Evil. Except when it is bombing scary brown people to atoms. And stuffing Bibles in lady’s vaginas like they’re Gideons stocking motel room drawers.
Sebelius: A new American Majority is ready to share a belief in something greater that ourselves. Not just the individual good, but the Common Good.
driftglass: Excuse me but who put this stupid bint on my teevee? Yes, Governor Non-Partisan, you are right. There is [a] New American Majority. It even has a name. We are called Liberals. We have been around forever, and we have always been the Majority.
And the people you are so sweetly asking you to join us have risen to power almost entirely on the basis of referring to this “Majority” as traitors and any talk of the your beloved Common Good as pure Devil Communism.
This side of the grave there is no reasoning with these people. They’re not merely irrational, hateful and fact-impervious, but they are proudly irrational, proudly hateful and proudly fact-impervious.
You do not get rid of a rabid dog running wild in the public square by playing kissy face with it.

Amen, brother driftglass.

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