Links 11/3/21

Links for you. Science:

“Why I Still Believe Covid-19 Could Not Have Originated in a Lab”
After 30 Years of Breeding Condors, a Secret Comes Out
The Horse You Rode In On May Have Been Made in Southern Russia. A comprehensive new paper tested 273 ancient horse genomes to pinpoint when and where modern horses were domesticated.
NIH says grantee failed to report experiment in Wuhan that created a bat virus that made mice sicker. EcoHealth Alliance violated terms of grant, according to letter to House Republicans (I’m guessing NIH will be much more skittish about P54s and U54s…)
Employers Have Been Offering the Wrong Office Amenities. Workplaces need fresh air, not foosball tables and coffee bars.
What We Know About Covid, the Flu and the Air We Breathe


THE COLOR OF ART: Mapping white privilege in the nation’s capital. (Mendo is bad and corrupt; support Erin Palmer)
OK now I’m mad (professional Democrats suck at their jobs)
Lies about history in Texas can be traced to the Lone Star State’s own Big Lie: The Alamo
An Ode to the Final Pay Phone in Downtown DC
Vulnerable Democrats pick up the pieces after Manchin, Sinema kill widely popular provisions (this is what I don’t get; the supposed moderates are hurting other moderates–Ocasio-Cortez isn’t going to lose her seat)
Metro Delays Will Continue Through At Least Mid-November
A New Mobile Recording Studio Aims To Amplify Overlooked D.C.-Area Musicians
This is the real reason Americans distrust the child tax credit and other government benefits
Joe Manchin just handed Trump a potent issue for 2024
The most shocking new revelation about John Eastman. He and Trump weren’t just pressing forward despite the mob; they were apparently trying to leverage it.
The Horror That Is Facebook: It’s not the revelations of even the rebrand that is so upsetting—it’s something more profound.
D.C. received at least 13,000 reports of fraudulent unemployment claims during pandemic (shitty headline: this is really identity theft, not fraud)
All The News That’s Fit To Spin: Companies are using D.C.’s tip sheet industry to supercharge the corporate media crusade against climate, health care, and anti-poverty legislation
LA Sheriff Warns Of ‘Mass Exodus’ Of Deputies Because of Vaccine Mandate (the LA Sheriffs have gangs in their department; good riddance)
The Reconciliation Bill’s Gutting Is What Happens When Your Party Is Addicted to Corporate Money
Congress Decides to Learn Almost Nothing From the Pandemic
Election ‘distracted’ Trump team from pandemic response, Birx tells Congress, saying more than 130,000 people died unnecessarily (the GBD stuff at the end is appalling)
Employees Cheer When Anti-vaxxers Get Fired
The Case for Deliverism. Democrats can no longer skate by simply on talking about popular issues.
Where Facts Were No Match for Fear. Civic boosters in central Montana hoped for some federal money to promote tourism. A disinformation campaign got in the way. (Comet Ping Ponging all the way to the poorhouse)
The Build Back Better Framework: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Waiting on U.S. Mandate, Some Nursing Homes Are Slow to Vaccinate Staff

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Did Aaron Rodgers Lie About His COVID-19 Vaccination Status?

    (Aaron) Rodgers petitioned the NFL to have an alternate, homeopathic treatment — one that he received from his personal doctor — that would be considered equal as someone who received an approved vaccine in the eyes of the league, according to NFL Network.

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