Links 11/2/21

Links for you. Science:

Scientific reclamation: How the iconic Jefferson Memorial was restored
People Who Believe COVID Conspiracies More Likely to Test Positive, Study Confirms
To see climate change in action, just look in your own backyard
Iceland’s Orcas Will Do Anything to Avoid a Pilot Whale
Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 Among Adults Hospitalized with COVID-19–Like Illness with Infection-Induced or mRNA Vaccine-Induced SARS-CoV-2 Immunity — Nine States, January–September 2021
Measuring vaccine efficacy against infection and disease in clinical trials: sources and magnitude of bias in COVID-19 vaccine efficacy estimates


D.C. Redistricting Committee Narrows Down Likely Options For Redrawing Wards (important for the D.C. readers)
‘I can’t breathe at Howard University’: HU students demand respect from Administration, humane conditions
Twitter amplifies conservative politicians. Is it because users mock them? (1. Never use the algorithm; 2. Block assholes)
Former DOES Employee Sues Agency For Hundreds of Hours of Unpaid Overtime (more executive branch governance crisis)
Rittenhouse judge has a history of jackassery that goes back over 30 years (this will not end well)
Gallaudet University’s On-Campus Museum Offers a Look at Deaf History in D.C.
Will the Supply Chain Crisis Lead to More Onshoring?
Are Identity Politics Campaign Contributors Happy They Gave Big To Kyrsten Sinema?
How I battle the evil leaf blowers
The White Supremacists Behind The Deadly Charlottesville Rally Are Going To Court. Here’s What You Need To Know.
Tucker Carlson Just Provided the Lowest Point of Rupert Murdoch’s Wretched Career in American Media
Joe Manchin may soon do us all a little-noticed favor
Expanding highways encourages more driving. A new calculator shows just how much
The GOP’s Grievance Industrial Complex Invades the Classroom
New York Times’ Morning Newsletter Does Free Messaging Work For Anti-Abortion Activists: Writer David Leonhardt seems to be on a campaign to defend abortion bans after the first trimester. Antis love it! (my least favority Thinky Thought Leader working hard!)
Pizza Story: Analogies Are Hard
Why some conservative media stars are cussing like sailors and Democrats (because their moralistic piety is a cynical con)
Everybody’s Fault But Mine
Every House Member Who Aided the January 6 Rioters Must Be Expelled
Talking Points And Human Shields
The Billionaires Tax Isn’t New
Burr’s Brother-in-Law Called Stock Broker, One Minute After Getting Off Phone With Senator
Democrats Introduce Plan to Fix Social Security
These Two Virginia Democratic Women Have a Real Shot at Flipping GOP Seats
Revenge of the Donald

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