Links 11/1/21

Links for you. Science:

Mammoths and other extinct Ice Age giants clung on longer than previously thought, DNA analysis suggests
She Is Breaking Glass Ceilings in Space, but Facing Sexism on Earth
How the brain navigates cities
Microbial Ecology and Evolution Are Essential for Understanding Pandemics
Antimicrobial Peptides—or How Our Ancestors Learned to Control the Microbiome
River Otters Are on the Rise in Texas
Third doses of COVID-19 vaccines reduce infection and transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and could prevent future surges in some populations


Joe Manchin’s Deep Corporate Ties: An underexamined aspect of Manchin’s pro-business positions in the Senate is his early membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council.
Facebook Froze As Anti-Vax Comments Swarmed Users
A Brutal List of Ingredients and Products Restaurants Can’t Find or Afford (basically, everything)
Iconic D.C. Barber Diego D’Ambrosio Died At 87: The Dupont Circle stylist passed away after a half-century of cutting hair for presidents and residents.
Why ‘Evangelical’ Is Becoming Another Word for ‘Republican’ (becoming?)
Democrats’ Betrayals Are Jeopardizing American Democracy (people have to like this crap…)
The Owners of the Democrats’ Big Data Firm Have a Side Gig: Working to Elect Far-Right Republicans (professional Democrats are sucky)
This is how the anti-democratic right wins
Why is the press rooting for a Democratic loss in Virginia?
A revealing Joe Manchin quote helps explain why we’re in deep trouble
It’s creationism all over again (as some asshole with a blog used to write, “nothing in movement conservatism makes sense except in the light of creationism.”)
Philip Pannell Collapsed at a Statehood Rally. Then He Tested Positive for COVID. The longtime Ward 8 organizer is using his experience to promote the effectiveness of the vaccine.
These Things the Conservative Democrats Want Out of the Bill Are Popular and Needed? Surely this matters somewhat.
The Problem Is Him’: Kara Swisher on Mark Zuckerberg’s crisis and ours.
A Revealing Look At Zuckerberg
Tax Haven, South Dakota. If we stopped letting the rich hide their treasure in the Mount Rushmore state, would anything change?
José Andrés’s Restaurant Group Is No Longer Enforcing Its Vaccination Policy (despite his reputation, in D.C., Andrés led the charge against eliminating the tipped minimum wage–overturning a referendum–and when a compromise bill that would exempt restaurant workers was offered, he still opposed it. Then, this year, he changed his mind and supports it. Meh.)
Do Popular Things
Thinking the unthinkable
Photo of Austin Police officer appearing to fist-bump neo-Nazi goes viral
The 14 things you need to know about Trump’s letter in the Wall Street Journal
‘When do we get to use the guns?’: The ongoing danger of false fraud claims
We Knew Bolsonaro Was Guilty. Now We Have 1,288 Pages of Proof.

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  1. If the Republicans win control of the House and Senate in 2022 they can make Trump speaker and impeach Harris and Biden on the grounds that they have the votes. A Republican controlled senate, with the help of For Sale By Owner Democrats might convict and Trump would be president. We need to start studying what activists in South American dictatorships did, because that is what we are up against.

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