Links 10/28/31

Links for you. Science:

Evidence of transmission from fully vaccinated individuals in a large outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant in Provincetown, Massachusetts
SARS-CoV-2 and NIAID-supported Bat Coronavirus Research
Disturbing Answers to the Mystery of Tuskless Female Elephants
To Learn Bees’ Secrets, Count Them One by One
Scientists reel as Brazilian government backtracks on research funds
A Data Sleuth Challenged A Powerful COVID Scientist. Then He Came After Her. Elisabeth Bik calls out bad science for a living. A feud with one of the world’s loudest hydroxychloroquine crusaders shows that it can carry a high price.


Red America’s Compassion Fatigue: A Report From Mobile, Alabama. We’ve heard repeatedly from the country’s vaccine resisters. But what about the people who follow the rules? They’re ignored and forgotten—and they are in pain.
With only each other for company, insurrectionists’ extremism deepens in ‘Patriot Wing’ of D.C. jail
The Echoes of Hitler
Capitol Rioters in Jail’s ‘Patriot Wing’ Have Their Own Rituals and a Growing Fan Base
Obamacare Scams and the Need For a Public Search Engine
PBS Scrubs Noted Anti-Vaxxer Dr. Christiane Northrup from their YouTube Channel. They need to own their role in her infamy
His collection of miniatures from around the world fills 16 rooms. And he’s not done yet.
College Profs Asked To Help Out In Dining Hall Amid Staffing Shortage (?!?!)
From cradle to grave. Where civilization emerged between the Tigris and Euphrates, climate change is poisoning the land and emptying the villages
What went right in Chelsea in its battle against COVID-19? A city near Boston hit hard by the coronavirus becomes a vaccination standout
Bannon’s contempt of Congress is lawless and ludicrous
Please don’t wear a computer on your face. Google Glass crashed and burned, but be forewarned: Smart glasses are coming back.
Why So Many Teachers Are Thinking of Quitting
Acting Mayor Kim Janey to challenge US Census count of Boston residents (D.C. should do this too, and it wasn’t just COVID, the Trump administration fucked up the count in 2019 too)
A Crusade to End Grading in High Schools. One educator is leading an effort to evaluate students differently. Can it catch on?
A Vermeer Restoration Reveals a God of Desire
D.C. Council calls on IG to investigate alleged abuse of power at D.C. Housing Authority. The agency’s board chair resigned this week in the wake of allegations of a conflict of interest. (crisis of executive branch governance)
It’s cheap, easy to make and in demand overseas. So why can’t this Texas-born COVID-19 vaccine break into the U.S. market?
Colin Powell’s death epitomizes the willful carelessness of vaccine skeptics like Tucker Carlson
D.C. Lawmakers Seek Broader Investigation Into Housing Authority, Citing ‘Troubling Pattern’ Of Behavior
Silencing the Competition: Inside the Fight Against the Hearing Aid Cartel
Colin Powell’s Death From Covid-19 Highlights The Need For Boosters And Mitigation To Protect At-Risk Groups
Republicans have given Joe Manchin the perfect reason to end the filibuster

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