Links 10/26/21

Links for you. Science:

Jeremy Beckham’s understanding of COVID demographics is lacking
Russia allows methane leaks at planet’s peril
Routine Antigen Testing Is Not a Substitute for Health Care Worker Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2
Acquisition of the L452R Mutation in the ACE2-Binding Interface of Spike Protein Triggers Recent Massive Expansion of SARS-CoV-2 Variants
Why NASA Launched a Robotic Archaeologist Named Lucy
Bees can be trained to identify SARS-CoV-2 infected samples.


From college to climate, Democrats are sealing their doom by selling out young voters (yep)
‘They rushed the process’: Vaccine maker’s woes hamper global inoculation campaign
Audit finds DC 911 system falls short of national standards; ‘bullying’ culture in call center (I keep saying this, but D.C. has an executive branch crisis)
Drivers Owe DC Nearly Half a Billion Bucks in Unpaid Tickets
The Destruction of the United Kingdom
D.C.’s 911 Call-Takers Struggle to Dispatch to Accurate Locations, Audit Finds
Why not upzoning gentrifying neighborhoods like Langley Park doesn’t prevent displacement
D.C. Housing Authority board chair steps down amid questions over conflicts of interest (Bowser is corrupt)
The Married Will Soon Be the Minority
Moderna won’t share its vaccine recipe. WHO has hired an African startup to crack it
How Sen. Manchin just Positioned Chinese Firms to dominate the Green Energy Markets of the 21st Century, Leaving the US in the Dust
The Methods of Moral Panic Journalism: Scare stories on “left-wing illiberalism” display a familiar pattern.
The New York State Democratic Party Really Is a Joke (professional Democrats suck at their jobs)
The Next Facebook Will Be a Tartarus, an Endless Prison for Humanity. I Can’t Wait.
Some colleges put new vaccine mandates in place — for the flu
In Defense Of Power
Stopping Sinema and Manchin From Electing Donald Trump
Nobody Cares About The Deficit
This Is What Climate Change Will Look Like In D.C.
Metro is messing with all of Washington — from janitors to judges
How Memphis Created the Nation’s Most Innovative Public Library
The wheels on Metro’s 7000-series trains may not have been put on securely enough
Is Affordable Housing Good For Public Health? A New Study Says It Could Be

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