Links 10/23/21

Links for you. Science:

Defend the deep
Sea Otters Are Adorable Stewards Of Underwater Sea Grass Meadows
If You’ve Had Covid, Do You Need the Vaccine?
Drug lord Pablo Escobar smuggled hippos into Colombia. Officials are now sterilizing the invasive species.
Urgent, Comprehensive Federal Action Needed To Stem Mortality and Medicare Costs Associated With Antimicrobial Resistance
Mask Effectiveness for Preventing Secondary Cases of COVID-19, Johnson County, Iowa, USA


School board candidate’s unrepentant antisemitism seems to be a plus for Idaho Republicans
The problem with America’s semi-rich’: America’s upper-middle class works more, optimizes their kids, and is miserable. (also why housing is so expensive)
NYC Cops Log Millions of Overtime Hours. New Yorkers Don’t Feel Safer.
‘Proud Boys started showing up.’ N.H. government roiled by protests over COVID mandates
An insider’s view of China’s Communist Party: Corruption and capitalist excess
The Cross of Gold – populism, democratic iterations and the politics of money
They Gave Black Mothers in Mississippi $1,000 a Month. It Changed Their Lives.
As Manchin Blocks Climate Plan, His State Can’t Hold Back Floods
Who Is Empowered (the first sentence is critical; Manchin hasn’t played honest from the get-go)
Pramila Jayapal Won’t Let the Biden Presidency Fail
‘Hours of my life I’m never going to get back’: As offices reopen, workers resist bringing back the commute
Colin Powell Had the Chance to Be a Great Man in a Crucial Moment. He Chose to Be a Loyal Apparatchik.
Where the Suburbs End. A single-family home from the 1950s is now a rental complex and a vision of California’s future.
Sinema sells out to GOP donors and Mark Kelly still eclipses her fundraising numbers
Amid Recall Fight, One Loudoun County School Board Member Resigns
The QAnon movement was always based on neo-Nazi conspiracies. Now the mask is slipping
Racial disparities may be emerging in breakthrough infections. We must track them better.
The last days inside Trailer 83
‘Outraged, frustrated, and scared’: Pa. residents ask authorities to protect their data from GOP election review
Eric Adams Once Led Sexist Smear Campaign Against a Whistleblower Cop
Threats, Resignations and 100 New Laws: Why Public Health Is in Crisis
Dan Snyder Still Isn’t Being Held Accountable

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