Links 10/12/21

Links for you. Science:

Why Do Species Get a Thin Slice of π? Revisiting Lewontin’s Paradox of Variation (excellent)
Toxic stress and burnout: John Henryism and social dominance in the laboratory and STEM workforce
Analysis of Genomic DNA from Medieval Plague Victims Suggests Long-Term Effect of Yersinia pestis on Human Immunity Genes
The Antibiotic Efflux Protein TolC Is a Highly Evolvable Target under Colicin E1 or TLS Phage Selection
Genomic population structure associated with repeated escape of Salmonella enterica ATCC14028s from the laboratory into nature
Quantifying bacterial evolution in the wild: A birthday problem for Campylobacter lineages


What The Trump Books Tell Us About Jan. 6. For the rest of our lives probably, we’ll be learning new info about the days leading up to Jan. 6. This is just phase one. (excellent)
On Very Serious People, Climate and Children
Smithsonian’s Arts And Industries Building To Reopen With Future-Facing Exhibit This November
I’m Glad We All Agree Now
‘Some are just psychopaths’: Chinese detective in exile reveals extent of torture against Uyghurs
Broken Promises: HBCU Funding Cut By $30 Billion In Biden Budget, Some Black Democrats Are Not Having It
Powell, Vice Chairs, And Regional Bank Presidents’ Trading Demands Congressional Oversight
Lousy Management, Knucklehead Hires Plague Operations of Real-Life Sopranos
Global hunt for looted treasures leads to offshore trusts
NYC’s Public Libraries Eliminate Late Fees
A Better Name for Booster Shots: The phrase took off earlier this year but flew too close to the sun. Maybe we should let it burn.
Victims of love
Portland jury convicts Texas-based Proud Boy of coming to city and whipping up street violence
Reuters uncovers deeper connections between deadly hoax network OAN and corporate giant AT&T
92 legal scholars call on Harris to preside over Senate to include immigration in reconciliation (she won’t do it because enough Democratic senators don’t want to include it)
Wow Great Insight
Foreign money secretly floods U.S. tax havens. Some of it is tainted.
Mint The Coin
The Pandora Papers
YOUR RIGHT-WING RELATIVES THINK THE FBI IS A GESTAPO TARGETING A RIGHT-WING COP (can’t help but think part of Mullens rabidness was due to an attempt to rally support since he knew/guessed he was in trouble)
Jerome Powell is Finished (though Bork should have been borked)
Law School Student Famous For Saying ‘I HATE BLACK PEOPLE’ Now Has Prestigious Federal Clerkship
U.S. says Arizona can’t use COVID-19 money just for schools without mask mandates
How Trump’s health department fell in love with charter jets
Absolutely Confront Kyrsten Sinema Outside Of Her Bathroom Stall
Ozy Media Is A Monumental Bummer

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