Links 10/10/21

Links for you. Science:

Merck says experimental Covid pill cuts risk of death, hospitalization by 50 percent (also, also, press release)
Biden officials finalize a rule making it harder to kill birds, reversing Trump. The move restores protections under the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which imposes penalties for unintentionally causing bird deaths through drilling, construction and other activities
When professional becomes personal: A wave of sexual harassment complaints against a famed plant geneticist brings up thorny issues of permissiveness and power in Mexican labs
Symptoms and Health Outcomes Among Survivors of COVID-19 Infection 1 Year After Discharge From Hospitals in Wuhan, China
SARS-CoV-2 infections elicit higher levels of original antigenic sin antibodies compared to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations
‘Extreme Numbers’ Of Large Invasive Spiders In Georgia May Be A Good Thing


Let me rewrite that for you! (excellent)
We Asked Vets Of The Soviet-Afghan War To Judge The U.S. Exit. Here’s What They Said
Housing Boss Earns $1 Million to Run Shelters Despite a Troubled Past (Democrats face a crisis of executive branch governance at the state and local levels, though Republicans are even worse)
Modernist Post Offices of Michigan
Is homework helpful or harmful? Research suggests homework doesn’t make young kids smarter. But it may widen the achievement gap.
Billions hidden beyond reach
How Rep. Josh Gottheimer Got Outmatched by the Congressional Progressive Caucus
Top House Budget Dem: DC Can Spend All It Wants Because It’s ‘Like the Banker in Monopoly’
A Profession That Selects For Sociopaths
Email: the worst form of communication yet devised by humankind? (except for all the other forms of electronic communication)
Once the ‘Abbey Road’ of D.C.’s punk scene, it’s being bulldozed for a government-sanctioned arts district
D.C. Students Would Have To Get COVID Vaccine Under New Legislation
The emergence of ‘woke’ as a pejorative masks a deeper insecurity
Unfinished Business East of the River
As students with long-haul covid return to school, many districts don’t fully know how to help
Dr. Vinay Prasad goes full Godwin over COVID-19 public health measures
Border Patrol is the wrong solution for the problems at the border
Rapid Tests Are the Answer to Living With Covid-19
Secret money, swanky real estate and a Monte Carlo mystery
Online Ordering Is Ruining Lunch for the Rest of Us
“An Absurd Racket”: Looming Restart of Student Loan Repayment Infuriates Borrowers
Their interracial romance ended painfully after college. They reunited 42 years later — and now live together.

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