Links 10/6/21

Links for you. Science:

Ancient Footprints Push Back Date of Human Arrival in the Americas
The evolution of social parasitism in Formica ants revealed by a global phylogeny
Dancers From the Deep Sea Shine on the U.N. for Climate Week
Critics Question the Climate Crisis Benefits of Deep Seabed Mining
Highly resistant bacteria from pet store puppies continue to cause illness
Manatee deaths in Florida point to a global decline in seagrass ecosystems


Workers are putting on pants to return to the office only to be on Zoom all day (in the Before Times, the majority of my ‘meetings’ were teleconferences, not face to face meetings…)
Memo to centrists: Progressives aren’t your problem. Manchin and Sinema are.
No, Air Force Academy instructor, it’s not OK to ask a cadet if they’ve accepted Jesus Christ
GOP Launches Fundraising Frenzy Off Biden Vax Mandates
Proposed Vaccine Mandate In Montgomery County Is An ‘Outrageous Intrusion,’ Say Union Leaders (so is intubation)
As Trump hints at 2024 comeback, democracy advocates fear a ‘worst-case scenario’ for the country
Flu vaccination is more important than ever this year
‘This Was a Failure’: Biden’s A.T.F. Pick Says White House Left Him Open to Attack
Network of Right-Wing Health Care Providers Is Making Millions Off Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, Hacked Data Reveals
Trump’s Plans for a Coup Are Now Public
What If Getting a Kids’ Vaccine Approved Is the Easy Part? (if the MMR vaccine were optional, the U.S. would be lucky to have a seventy percent vaccination rate)
How Milton Friedman Aided and Abetted Segregationists in His Quest to Privatize Public Education
Why Is Every Young Person in America Watching ‘The Sopranos’?
‘If You’re Not Vaccinated, Don’t Come to Work’
Activists who helped elect Kyrsten Sinema launch CrowdPAC to fund a primary challenger
Getting A Religious Exemption To A Vaccine Mandate May Not Be Easy. Here’s Why
We’re Already Barreling Toward the Next Pandemic
YouTube Announces Total Ban on Anti-Vaccine Videos
Kirsten Gillibrand designed a simple, smart family leave plan. Moderates may destroy it.
Trump Still Faces a Reckoning in New York
Cult-like church’s takeover of Idaho college town is fueled by a misogynist, rape-friendly theology
When Black History Is Unearthed, Who Gets to Speak for the Dead?
Andrew Taylor exit interview: Dysfunctional Congress and “scoop culture” lead reporters to over-hype faux drama

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