Links 10/5/21

Links for you. Science:

Segregational drift constrains the evolutionary rate of prokaryotic plasmids
Effectiveness of BNT162b2 Vaccine in Adolescents during Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant Infection, Israel, 2021
The impact of real-time whole genome sequencing in controlling healthcare-associated SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks
The largest space telescope in history is about to blow our minds
Pregnant Women Who Receive COVID-19 Vaccination Pass Protection from the Virus to Their Newborns
L.A.’s New Reflective Streets Bounce Heat Back into Space
NIH Director Francis Collins to step down (press release here)
NIH Director Francis S. Collins will step down by year’s end


Elect Us Because The Other Guys Are An Existential Threat
New York’s vaccine mandate for health care workers is a success, despite media doomsayer predictions
We’ve reached the ‘Red Covid’ phase of the pandemic
It’s time to start firing unvaccinated people: Trump fans are overdue for a lesson in consequences (it’s not just MAGAs, but the point is valid, and the anti-vaccination arguments are just wrong)
Erin Palmer announces run to become D.C. Council chairwoman
Stephanie Grisham’s Book Details Trump’s ‘Terrifying’ Temper (There were other indignities: Ms. Grisham writes that Mr. Trump called her while aboard Air Force One to defend the size of his penis after [Stormy] Daniels insulted it in an interview. “Uh, yes sir,” Ms. Grisham replied.)
What the F*ck Are These People Talking About? The current Congress has the chance to address multiple generational crises and they’re busy making up their own.
Republicans double down on debunked theory that white Americans are being replaced
Trump played tough with Putin when cameras were around, but a new book details his insecurities
We Underestimated Trump Before. It Didn’t Go Well.
Yes, Jan. 6 was a violent insurrection, as evidence in key Proud Boy’s case again demonstrates (Most Coups Look Silly Unless They Succeed)
How America Dropped to No. 36
Let’s please stop talking about means testing
Vaccinated NBA staffers concerned about health risks of being exposed to unvaccinated players as season approaches
Brookland Residents Push For Traffic Safety After 5-Year-Old’s Death
A Sharper CTC Means-Test Would Make the Program Way Less Popular
YouTube is banning prominent anti-vaccine activists and blocking all anti-vaccine content
Prison guards sue to block Covid-19 vaccination requirement
A racist conspiracy theory goes mainstream
‘School choice’ developed as a way to protect segregation and abolish public schools
They Love Rich People
Quick Question for Senator Sinema
Why we can’t quit polling: Our love of public opinion surveys and data science reflects an aspect of American politics that’s at least skewed, at most broken.

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