Links 10/1/21

Links for you. Science:

Under New Zealand’s Dark Skies, Insects Recover and Humans Reconnect with a Lost View
Solving the Coral Species Delimitation Conundrum
As Covid-19 Cases Rise in Kids, Scientists Examine Immune Systems
STAT: a fast, scalable, MinHash-based k-mer tool to assess Sequence Read Archive nextgeneration sequence submissions
COVID-19 is evolving to become more airborne, says recent study


Herd Immunity: Covid Deaths Devouring the South Are No Accident (yep)
The Suburban Strategy: A Democratic Party of the sprawl
Republican Representative Lauren Boebert Goes Full Blunderbuss: The insurrection cheerleader’s HR 273 would spell the end of constituent services as we know it.
Guru Shit
Biden Wasn’t Elected to Scold Racist Border Agents—He Was Elected to Stop Them
Against Artsploitation: Unionizing the New Museum
How the Kaepernick Effect Reached Small-Town Iowa
The meltdown among Democrats shows our budget debates are insane
OSHA Can Do Much More to Prevent Covid Transmission at Work
How a quality-of-life award for a 12-lane Utah highway sums up the debate over the future of transportation
Kim Janey endorses Michelle Wu for Boston mayor
Federal workers were the backbone of Metro. Their absence is taking a toll on the system.
Of Course We Should All Get Boosters
Varieties of anti-vaxxer
How decades of security blunders led to the formation of the TSA and forever changed the way we fly
When McDonalds Came to Denmark
How the Holocaust moved from concentration camps to Jewish victims’ homes
The U.S. has more in common with South America than Europe
The Granite State of Texas
Don’t teach about Martin Luther King Jr., Tennessee woman insists. It might make white kids feel bad
Hope collides with doubt, while covid deaths soar, in the E.U.’s least-vaccinated country
Facebook’s vapid half-measures to reel in spread of COVID denialism aren’t working, study finds
‘To ignore the situation, the lawlessness, it’s not a solution’: Businesses near ‘Mass. and Cass’ pay a steep price
A school photographer told a first-grader he could shed his mask. He politely declined: ‘My mommy told me not to’ (be like Mason!)

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