Links 9/21/21

Links for you. Science:

How floating islands can make urban waterways green and clean
Massive numbers of new COVID–19 infections, not vaccines, are the main driver of new coronavirus variants
Dumpster diving in the VAERS database to find more COVID-19 vaccine-associated myocarditis in children
What You Really Need to Know About Your Penis, COVID, and Vaccines
The tangled history of mRNA vaccines


Hospitals in several states are full, and hospitals in other states are filling with the overflow (“Both states had essentially zero spare capacity in their health care systems. Idaho just added Republican leadership to that mix.”)
An Epidemiologist Says At-Home Testing Is Key To Stopping COVID
How the politics of 9/11 became American politics
The Supreme Court doesn’t just suffer from political hackery. It’s more insidious than that.
WHO-backed vaccine hub for Africa to copy Moderna COVID-19 shot
Once again, the GOP’s answer is ‘no.’ Democrats should take it and run.
The big recall win shows how to run against the continuing threat of Trumpism
72% of Americans Know Someone Killed or Hospitalized by Covid-19, Pew Poll Finds
It’s Time to Recall the Recalls in California
Yes, They Are “A Bunch Of Partisan Hacks”
Lessons from a landslide: Key takeaways from California’s recall circus
My Thoughts on Manchin’s Compromise Bill
The Vanishing Case for Liberal Inaction. Democrats who believe we should keep the filibuster because they fear a Republican majority are just worried about the world as it exists today.
Tucker Carlson Doubles Down on Defending People ‘Desperate Enough’ To Get Fake Vaccine Cards
Most states have cut back public health powers amid pandemic
On gerrymandering, unilateral disarmament is the worst option
My true and honest feelings about the death of Bob Enyart
The Non-Education of Ross Douthat
County GOP Group Can’t Access Their Financial Data Due To COVID Death
Lessons From the Rise and Fall of the Pedestrian Mall
Why Politico’s about to get worse
Here’s the real reason grifters are pushing a dodgy ‘cure’ for Covid — instead of the vaccines
How the rise of Politico shifted political journalism off course

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