Links 9/9/21

Links for you. Science:

Identifying the determinants of COVID-19 preventative behaviors and vaccine intentions among South Carolina residents
COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance and Beliefs among Black and Hispanic Americans
Weapon injuries in the crusader mass graves from a 13th century attack on the port city of Sidon (Lebanon)
Airborne transmission of respiratory viruses
Inside Pfizer’s labs, ‘variant hunters’ race to stay ahead of the pandemic’s next twist


Texas parents accused a Black principal of promoting critical race theory. The district has now suspended him. (by ‘critical race theory’, they mean ‘have a white wife.’ Not kidding.)
China on the cusp of a ‘profound transformation’: A widely circulated commentary carried on state media could herald what some see as an emerging Cultural Revolution 2.0
Nemesis: Why the west was doomed to lose in Afghanistan
Biden, Schumer, Pelosi: Enough talk. Act. Expand the courts. Now.
Do Republicans Actually Want the Pandemic to End?
An Instagram user who went by ‘AntiVaxMomma’ sold hundreds of fake covid vaccine cards, prosecutors say
A hospital refused to give ivermectin to a covid patient. Then a judge ordered doctors to administer it.
The Disastrous Opening of One Arkansas School District
Four conservative radio talk-show hosts bashed coronavirus vaccines. Then they got sick.
Doctors dismayed by patients who fear coronavirus vaccines but clamor for unproven ivermectin
Ed Asner, American Socialist. The actor, who died Sunday, championed democratic socialism long before Bernie Sanders ran for president.
Republican Vaccine Denial IS A Political Strategy
‘The war will soon commence’: Proud Boys exploit a new grievance to mainstream political violence
The Problem With Media: Groupthink and economic precarity go together
Another triumph for the intellectual dark web
China restricts young people to playing video games three hours a week
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Reggae Giant and Dub Pioneer, Dead at 85
Are women people? Why the Supreme Court just signed off on a Texas law that denies women’s humanity
D.C. eliminated the admissions test during the pandemic at its most selective high school. It didn’t help diversify the school.
Roe v. Wade hasn’t been overturned. The rule of law might have been.

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