Links 9/8/21

Links for you. Science:

COVID Vaccines Show No Signs of Harming Fertility or Sexual Function
How a cheap antidepressant emerged as a promising Covid-19 treatment
BNT162b2 vaccine booster dose protection: A nationwide study from Israel
Emerging SARS-CoV-2 diversity revealed by rapid whole genome sequence typing
Persisting symptoms three to eight months after non-hospitalized COVID-19, a prospective cohort study


As school returns, impatience grows with Biden administration on vaccines for kids under 12
In 25 years of policy & advocacy work on reproductive/ sexual health and rights, and ten running an online publication on same, I have learned several things.
GSU instructor fired after disagreement over mask policy: ‘It crossed a moral boundary’
Biden administration opens civil rights investigations over bans on school mask mandates
Joe Biden’s Critics Lost Afghanistan (stopped clocks and all that)
Fairfax County Public Schools will require a coronavirus vaccine for high school student-athletes
Why Facebook Won’t Stop Pushing Propaganda: Vaccine disinformation. The Big Lie. The hate poisoning your community. It all goes back to Mark Zuckerberg’s business model. (must-read)
Anti-maskers are putting their facial freedom over our kids. And I’m furious.
The Media Always Sees Democrats in Disarray. And they always see wars as worth fighting.
As pandemic persists, counties confront emergency measures to house the homeless
Maybe People Need More to Lose: America’s stubborn hostility to pleasure is fueling our breakdown (interesting, but polling suggests it’s largely misinterpretations of relative risk and reward of vaccination)
Republicans Are Giving Abortion Opponents Power Over the Rest of Us
Five Justices Did This Because They Could: Emergency appeals have become the tool of choice for the conservative movement.
Texas shows us what post-democracy America would look like
All of Those ‘Hysterical’ Women Were Righ: For half a decade, Republicans gaslighted Democrats about Trump’s Court nominees’ views on abortion. The jig is up.
Democrat Cities Are Hellholes
The new GOP rage-fest at Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger contains a big tell
Police on-scene at Vail elementary school after group threatens to zip-tie principal over COVID-19 protocols
What If People Don’t Want ‘A Career?’
Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Jerusalem Demsas
Splitting The Baby

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