Links 8/25/21

Links for you. Science:

To protect from lab leaks, we need ‘banal’ safety rules, not anti-terrorism measures
For toxic algal blooms, website gives real-time forecasts of them along Gulf of Mexico, Florida coasts
Increasing COVID-19 Vaccination Rates in Florida and Texas Could Have Saved 4,700 Lives Through July
Microbiologist Elisabeth Bik queried Covid research – that’s when the abuse and trolling began
What will it be like when COVID-19 becomes endemic?


Stop begging the COVID bullies. We can’t ‘nice’ people into doing the right thing. (we don’t have the time for them to come around either)
Afghanistan Meant Nothing: A Veteran Reflects on 20 Wasted Years
Debunking a persistent COVID-19 lie. Yes, the Virus has been Isolated.
To Improve Rental Assistance, Just Make It Cash Assistance
Many Reporters Will Still Pretend To Believe Their Outrage
The Ghost That Stalks the American Jewish Establishment: On the unacknowledged legacy of violent Jewish nationalist Meir Kahane
Was That The Plan
Delta is different than last year’s coronavirus. Our response should match the moment.
Biden speeds ahead on installing judges
Tiny Houses Have a Big Problem: The favorite bourgeois solution to homelessness won’t solve the problem and reveals sneering class bias, a formerly homeless Philadelphian and City staffer says. Why aren’t we doing what actually works?
When Scaffolding Hands Them Lemons, Developers Make Lemon Trees
As COVID Cases Mount, Mass. Officials Face Renewed Calls For More Data
There is a beautiful new bridge in Ottawa, Canada. It’s lit up at night, so it’s a stunning way to cross this canal and see a gorgeous sunset at the same time. But there’s a wee problem.
After Sunday It’s Even More Clear Biden Was Right
Pretend To Love Them Over There
COVID Cases Are Spiking Again in Mass. Cities
The Afghanistan disaster started with the withdrawal’s most ardent critics
California’s vaccinated say unvaccinated are adding risk; strong support for mandates — CBS News poll
The media’s Afghan blame game
Is Western U.S. Experiencing a ‘Megadrought’?
What starts in Afghanistan does not stay in Afghanistan: China, India, and Iran grapple with the fallout

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