Links 8/12/21

Links for you. Science:

Socioeconomic variation in characteristics, outcomes, and healthcare utilization of COVID-19 patients in New York City
The transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is likely comodulated by temperature and by relative humidity
50 Years Ago, NASA Put a Car on the Moon: The lunar rovers of Apollo 15, 16 and 17 parked American automotive culture on the lunar surface, and expanded the scientific range of the missions’ astronaut explorers.
Tropical Pink Bird Spotted In D.C. For The First Time (It’s Not A Flamingo)
COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in Adolescents Aged 12–17 Years — United States, December 14, 2020–July 16, 2021


Don’t Let Anyone Normalize January 6: If you can shrug it off as just another incident of Trump talking too much, then you have already signed up for the next incident—and the one after that. (it’s David Frum, but he’s not wrong)
Analysis: Don’t Want a Vaccine? Be Prepared to Pay More for Insurance.
The Truman Show: How the 33rd president finagled his way to a post–White House fortune — and created a damaging precedent.
Take Brain
Biotechnology Greed Is Prolonging the Pandemic. It’s Inexcusable.
Andrew Cuomo Didn’t Act Alone: His inner circle enabled him. They should go down with their leader.
Cuomo on the Brink: How to Impeach a Governor
Biden’s sharp rebuke of GOP governors should prompt a Democratic rethink
Ossoff ups the fight for voting rights, introducing first-ever statutory federal right to vote
More Than A Dozen D.C.-Area Theaters Will Require Proof Of Vaccination For Entry
Nearly 200 doctors clash with school district that refuses to mandate masks
Maryland And Virginia Will Require Some State Employees To Get COVID-19 Vaccines
Two of Trump’s Former Lawyers Got Laughed Out of Court
The Covid Idiot Shuffle
Ontario is ducking the biggest thing that would keep students safe this fall: mandatory vaccination
American Shoppers Are a Nightmare
What Tucker Carlson Wants Fox News Viewers to Learn from Hungary’s Viktor Orbán
These Algorithms Look at X-Rays—and Somehow Detect Your Race. A study raises new concerns that AI will exacerbate disparities in health care. One issue? The study’s authors aren’t sure what cues are used by the algorithms.
Delta has changed the game; it’s time to embrace a national vaccine verification system
Yes, Delta Is Scary, But Europe’s Recent COVID Surges Show That It Can Be Controlled
DeJoy maintains financial ties to former company as USPS awards it new $120 million contract

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