Links 8/3/21

Links for you. Science:

Longitudinal assessment of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and uptake among frontline medical workers in Los Angeles, California
No, the Covid-19 Vaccine DOES NOT Accumulate in the Ovaries
Officials warn of ‘acid-shooting land lobsters’ roaming a national park in Texas
Signs of the Times: Despite their perceived abundance, the periodical cicadas that emerged across the eastern United States this summer point to a growing set of threats facing both the insects themselves and the ecosystems they help support.
Neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 variants induced by natural infection or vaccination: a systematic review and pooled meta-analysis


France’s unhinged anti-vaccine movement is more than a threat to public health
Biden plans to require federal workers to be vaccinated or undergo repeated tests
Bob Moses Deserves a Statue in the United States Capitol
How Republicans Miscalculated on Vaccines
Hey, Florida: This Isn’t the Kind of ‘Police Reform’ We Were Talking About. The Pasco County sheriff is going full Minority Report. (more here)
Liberal organizers have a message for the White House on GOP-led voter suppression: ‘We’re f*cked’
Like All His Co-Conspirators, Donald Trump Would Be Charged for Obstruction, Not Incitement
Return of the Family Values Zombie
Republicans poised to rig the next election by gerrymandering electoral maps
Spare Us Your Covid Hypocrisy, Republicans
‘What’s Covid?’ Why People at America’s Hardest-Partying Lake Are Not About to Get Vaccinated (though most are outside, which helps quite a bit)
In the South, the delta surge will force impossible choices for ICU doctors like me
As L.A. ponders vaccine mandates, infections in the LAPD spike sharply (if criminals murdered 9 cops and 3 of their family members, I don’t think they would be so sanguine about it)
Pick-up trucks are ridiculous clown cars and 99% of the people who buy them will never have a practical need to own one.
The country is failing to face the rage of Donald Trump’s supporters — and the result is mass death
The New Moral Code of America’s Elite. Two students went to Amy Chua for advice. That sin would cost them dearly.
Amusing Tidbits
Evangelical pastor demands churchgoers ditch their masks: ‘Don’t believe this delta variant nonsense’
The Crucial Vaccine Benefit We’re Not Talking about Enough: They not only prevent people from getting sick; they also cut down on transmission by those who get infected after immunization
Donald Trump Must Testify. He Should Have to Watch the Body-Cam Videos and Point Out the Hugs and Kisses.
Well It’s Groundhog Day… Again
A Capitol Police Officer Slammed His Fist on the Table While Addressing January 6-Denying Congressmen: Meanwhile, other officers’ testimony suggested that what happened that day was not all random.
Frequent Fox News guest calls officer testifying to January 6 commission a crisis actor

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