Links 7/19/21

Links for you. Science:

Cities Are Spraying Asphalt With This Chemical to Cool Urban Heat Islands
Quarter-dose of Moderna COVID vaccine still rouses a big immune response
It’s Summer, And That Means The Mysterious Return Of Glacier Ice Worms
No, we can’t treat COVID-19 like the flu. We have to consider the lasting health problems it causes
DNA Has Four Bases. Some Viruses Swap in a Fifth.


In Favor of Bad Takes
The Duck of Minerva and the Evolution of Academic Politics Blogging
The World That Twitter Made
Inside the Industry That Unmasks People at Scale
One by One, My Friends Were Sent to the Camps
There’s a Word for What Trumpism Is Becoming
No They Don’t
D.C. sets timeline for evictions to resume, prompting outcry from landlords and tenants
‘Potentially a death sentence’: White House goes off on vaccine fearmongers
America Punishes Only a Certain Kind of Rebel
Why I am Bearish on Substack
Buying Democracy in a Good Way
Inside Facebook’s Data Wars: Executives at the social network have clashed over CrowdTangle, a Facebook-owned data tool that revealed users’ high engagement levels with right-wing media sources.
Military Removes Training Document Conflating Socialists With Terrorists
None of the Cuba protesters who closed Miami highway cited under GOP-backed anti-rioting law
Landlords Receive Federal Funds for Rental Assistance, Even When Tenants Live In Poor Conditions. Tenants at three D.C. properties have spent the past year fighting for rent relief and better housing conditions. While they’ve had some success, their fight isn’t over.
Affordable housing eligibility is based on median income — and the 2021 numbers are out for DC
The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body
‘They’re not going to f**king succeed’: Top generals feared Trump would attempt a coup after election, according to new book (would have been nice to know this in January)
Right-wing America’s obsession with glorifying traitors: From the Confederacy to the Capitol insurrection, conservatives keep elevating champions of white supremacy.
STUDY: Police Stops Don’t Stop Car Crashes
Centrist Think Tanks Are Raking In Exxon Cash. An annual ExxonMobil report shows the company routinely giving six-figure sums to Brookings, Center for Strategic and International Studies, and similar institutions.

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