Links 7/9/21

Links for you. Science:

It took a pandemic, but the US finally has (some) centralized medical data. Covid exposed the fragmented reality of US health records. Now an effort to bring together data from millions of patients is starting to show results.
COVID vaccines and breastfeeding: what the data say
You had the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine. Should you try to get a booster dose of Pfizer or Moderna?
A dry California creek bed looked like a wildfire risk. Then the beavers went to work
The CDC stopped tracking most COVID-19 cases in vaccinated people. That makes it hard to know how dangerous Delta really is.


I Am So Tired Of Arguing With You People (excellent, must-read)
‘Reality Rebellion’: By doubling down on Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen, Republicans are making their base angrier, more radical, and more likely to turn to violence.
‘COVID-Free’ Dance Party Infects 160+ Revelers: 650 people who attended the Aspen Valley disco in the Dutch city of Enschede had to prove they were vaccinated or COVID-free, but 165 have already tested positive in the aftermath.
If any of you are under the impression that our billionaires might succeed in “escaping” to space, while the world burns, let me put those fears to rest with what I know from being the spouse of a NASA flight controller
Shielding Scott Rudin: How the Super-Producer Avoided Answering for Abusive Behavior for Decades
Dead Malls Predicted the Erosion of Public Space in America
Trump Boat Parades Left Untold Destruction in Their Wake
Where’s My Lyme Vaccine?
The Trump Organization Is in Big Trouble
The Weisselberg Indictment Is Not A “Fringe Benefits” Case
How baseball’s war on sticky stuff is already changing the game
Getting Rid of the Filibuster Will Put the Senate in the Terrible Position of Having to Pass Legislation
No standing, no marathon speeches, no catheter bags: How filibustering got way too easy
Winner of the pandemic just can’t stop the winning
Frederick Douglass had nothing but scorn for July Fourth. The Black abolitionist spoke for the enslaved.
The return of COVID-19
Democrats don’t win by punching left (geriatric leadership is geriatric)
‘Castrate, kill, remove voting rights’: Ex-Marine, Georgia deputy was in extremist cell, feds say
Voters Support a Permanent Extension of the Universal Free School Lunch Policy

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  1. adameran says:

    Pulllease! Malls are private spaces. An actual public space is a town square, or a sidewalk. Public spaces, publicly owned are what’s really suffered. That’s what the malls killed.

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