Links 6/29/21

Links for you. Science:

A potential saving grace in the next cold and flu season
Results by Cambridge-based Intellia and Regeneron show how CRISPR could transform treatment
Here’s all the data on myocarditis cases linked to COVID-19 vaccines: Experts stress the need for everyone to get vaccinated as the Delta variant spreads.
The Scientific Case for Two Spaces After a Period
A Coronavirus Epidemic Hit 20,000 Years Ago, New Study Finds. A few dozen human genes rapidly evolved in ancient East Asia to thwart coronavirus infections, scientists say. Those genes could be crucial to today’s pandemic.
June 30 Webinar: Using NCBI Datasets to download sequence and annotation for genomes and genes


New Details Suggest Senior Trump Aides Knew Jan. 6 Rally Could Get Chaotic. Text messages and interviews show that Stop the Steal leaders fooled the Capitol police and welcomed racists to increase their crowd sizes, while White House officials worked to both contain and appease them.
Why Is the Intellectual Dark Web Suddenly Hyping an Unproven COVID Treatment?
They joined the Wisconsin Proud Boys looking for brotherhood. They found racism, bullying and antisemitism.
Do Chance Meetings at the Office Boost Innovation? There’s No Evidence of It. For some, the office even stifles creativity. As the pandemic eases in the U.S., a few companies seek to reimagine what work might look like.
The Problem With the ‘BlackRock Buying Houses’ Meme. Here’s the reality of institutional buyers and the single-family rental market.
Slack survey finds 97% of Black knowledge workers want the future of the office to be remote or hybrid
DeSantis, clemency board pardon all coronavirus restriction and mask mandate violators
Families mourn the loss of loved ones who hesitated on the Covid-19 vaccine
Mike Gravel, gadfly senator from Alaska with flair for the theatrical, dies at 91
There’s Nothing Especially Democratic about Local Control of Land Use
What Britney Spears has endured would not have happened to a male star
Anatomy of a health conundrum: The racial gap in vaccinations
How The New Infrastructure Deal Could Lead To More Fees and Tolls
Why Does Anyone Care What Lawrence Summers Thinks?
Even Emergency Measures Won’t Save the West From Megadrought
A media outlet was murdered in Hong Kong — along with freedom
A Dozen Misguided Influencers Spread Most of the Anti-Vaccination Content on Social Media. The Disinformation Dozen generates two thirds of anti-vaccination content on Facebook and Twitter
Chicago Parking Meters hit with potential class-action suit for ‘unreasonable 75-year monopoly’
The Price of No Consequences for Trump
The Infrastructure Success Story in Chattanooga
I assure you, the Black Death was actually bad

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