Links 6/26/21

Links for you. Science:

Delta coronavirus variant: scientists brace for impact
Delta variant presents genuine threat of reinfection for those who previously had COVID-19
The Very First Case of COVID-19 Was Much Earlier Than We Knew, New Study Indicates (paper here; if I’m not mistaken, this is a different result than the BEAST analyses)
Tiny Fossils From Alaska Reveal Dinosaur Life in the Arctic. Baby dinosaur “microfossils” suggest that many species lived and thrived in some of the coldest parts of the planet.
The mRNA Vaccines Are Extraordinary, but Novavax Is Even Better. Persistent hype around mRNA vaccine technology is now distracting us from other ways to end the pandemic. (given the less frequent and milder side effects, we should deploy it here now)


Video Games Are a Labor Disaster. Why do game studios keep imploding?
They Seemed Like Democratic Activists. They Were Secretly Conservative Spies.
AP analysis: Almost all COVID-19 deaths now are among the unvaccinated
Do Chance Meetings at the Office Boost Innovation? There’s No Evidence of It.
Inside the ‘shadow reality world’ promoting the lie that the presidential election was stolen (it’s a cult)
Arizona audit could lead to … mass executions? What have you done to America, Sen. Fann?
Wyoming holding course despite lagging vaccination rate
Federal rental assistance is finally flowing in Maryland, but it may not be in enough time for some
James Galbraith: China and Supply Chains – The White House Review’s Focus on US Depenedence
Coronavirus: Cathay Pacific makes vaccinations for Hong Kong crews a must, Britain labelled ‘very high-risk’ country
Lord of the Roths: How Tech Mogul Peter Thiel Turned a Retirement Account for the Middle Class Into a $5 Billion Tax-Free Piggy Bank
Unvaccinated Missourians fuel COVID: ‘We will be the canary’
Beijing Calling: Suspicion, Hope, and Resistance in the Chinese Rock Underground
Where Did White Evangelicalism’s Hatred of Critical Race Theory Really Begin? (and this is how it got mainstreamed into movement conservatism)
So you want to acknowledge the land?
The Right Versus the Military
A caravan of Trump backers tried to run a Biden bus off a road. Now they’re being sued under an anti-KKK act.
Israel to reinstate indoor mask mandate next week as COVID-19 cases keep rising
80% Of D.C. Voters Polled Support Higher Local Taxes On The Rich
The 5 coolest trends in urbanism … in Europe
Dear Congress: Please Tax Peter Thiel. You already know how!

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