Links 6/1/21

Links for you. Science:

World expert in scientific misconduct faces legal action for challenging integrity of hydroxychloroquine study
SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 and B.1.351 spike variants bind human ACE2 with increased affinity
‘Giant treasure trove’ of fossils may give a better picture of Miocene epoch about 10 million years ago
What Breakthrough Infections Can Tell Us
The name game for coronavirus variants just got a little easier


As we honor those who died in war, let’s hope we don’t add more to their number
A GOP senator’s angry shaming of Mitch McConnell demands more from Democrats
American Democracy Isn’t Dead Yet, but It’s Getting There
The Madness of the Maricopa County Election Audit (might be the only time I’ve ever linked to NRO)
The COVID vaccine pioneer behind southeast Asia’s first mRNA shot
Even in highly vaccinated states like Massachusetts, vaccine disparities abound, Dr. Ashish Jha says
Social Security pays the same no matter where you live. Unemployment should, too. Taking control of jobless benefits away from the states is the best way for the feds to tackle the system’s thorniest problems
Policy Hackathon: Can public transit recover from Covid-19?
Why Journalism Isn’t Really Covering the Threat of Fascism
Reconsider cancel-culture target at WWU
Barbershop offers coronavirus shots, in addition to cuts and shaves. Some see it as a national model.
These workers were left out of the New Deal. They’ve been fighting for better pay ever since.
Justice Breyer’s new warning for Democrats couldn’t have come at a worse time
The federal government puts out a ‘help wanted’ notice as Biden seeks to undo Trump cuts
Meet the rabbi keeping vigil for the bodies stored at Sunset Park
Bowser’s record investment in housing won’t fully meet need, but she’s putting the suburbs to shame
Skepticism Of Science In A Pandemic Isn’t New. It Helped Fuel The AIDS Crisis
A ‘Perfect Storm’ Leaves Hamptons Restaurants Scrambling for Staff
Capitalists Exploit Workers — Even When They’re “Socialists”
Amazon Prime Is an Economy-Distorting Lie. A new antitrust case shows that Prime inflates prices across the board, using the false promise of ‘free shipping’ that is anything but free.
Emily Wilder’s Firing Is No Surprise: AP Has Always Been Right-Wing

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