Links 5/24/21

Links for you. Science:

Scientists find ‘missing link’ behind first human languages
After an absence, ticks are back in New England, and they’re hungry
China becomes second country to drive a rover on Mars
Indirect Protection by Reducing Transmission: Ending the Pandemic with SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination
Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against the B.1.617.2 variant


Explaining HIPAA: No, it doesn’t ban questions about your vaccination status (what about the hungry hippo rule tho?)
The evidence is clear — COVID lockdowns saved lives without harming economies
FDR paid artists to capture the Depression’s stories. Biden can do the same for the Covid-19 era. We can’t let the real, human stories of the pandemic fade into nothing. (excellent)
In the Russian Arctic, the first stirrings of a very cold war
The rise of the zero-issue candidate
How Stanford College Republicans worked with right-wing media to get an AP reporter fired (cancel culture tho)
Trump is sliding toward online irrelevance. His new blog isn’t helping. (one reason he might try to run in 2024)
‘Whoa, this is crazy’: L.A. teen punks the Linda Lindas on going viral (just before finals)
The new shape of the culture war is a revived Lost Cause
Why Emily Wilder got fired and Chris Cuomo didn’t
What Did Madison Really Say About Majorities?
Masks after the pandemic: If you like, you can be considerate and wear a mask when you’re sick
Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and others were inducted into the Hall of Fame this past weekend. The part you didn’t know? A former car salesman that has never played in, coached, or broadcasted a single NBA game was also inducted.
Elite Dems who don’t know when to quit could be the death of American democracy
Who Is the Media Really For?
The Lie of ‘No One Wants to Work’
Magic Actions: Looking back on the George Floyd rebellion
Tesla is like an ‘iPhone on wheels.’ And consumers are locked into its ecosystem.
GOP Congressman Slams Kevin McCarthy For ‘Not Telling The Truth’ About Jan. 6
The End of D.C.’s Elite Social Scene: It will never be the same after Trump and covid. And that’s a good thing. (Sally Quinn worked herself into high dudgeon over the Clintons, who she said, “trashed the place.”)

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